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So you are here to become a contributor with our technology blog on Android? Here we go.

Bundle of thanks for visiting on wikitechgo.com! Which is one of the best and satisfactory write for us information technology website with high-quality content and domain authority.

We are a tech blog that accepts contribution content. Being a modern technology blogs write for us we give you a chance to ‘write for us’ for the personnel who love to write and are trained with wonderful writing skills.

We also greet and cheer new writers who like to Sponsor Post or contribute articles regularly. Expert and professional writers are forever greeted and welcomed here.

Here are some important details which may be helpful for you to collaborate with us for the purpose of the contribution.

Why should you write for us on our technology blog?

We really admire businesses and bloggers with good and productive content to publish their articles on our website. In return, we work to facilitate your content via our website so that you can reach out to a vast active audience who are eagerly waiting to read good content.

There are many topics as we are writing write for us tech blog services so you can write for us just like technology, Android, Product promotions, Product Reviews, and future tech blogs.


Types of Articles and Categories We Love to Welcome:

We admire your interest to write for us technology in incredible topics as a tech gadgets write for us Blogger on the topics such as mobiles Technology, Android gadgets, android Apps, Reviews & Ratings, Technology News & Updates, tech niche.

We are a site write for us technology as we always keep updated with technology and Android trends. So feel free to submit a contribution article on information technology write for us today. 


Contribution with us on Android

Our blog is specialized in Android technology so if you are an expert in Android it will be great to submit your awesome draft to our editor: wikitechgo@gmail.com.

Ethical Guideline for the Content:

We definitely have some flexible guidelines for you about content.

  1. Just original, outstanding, related, and well-written articles will be allowed. In case you have already published this article anywhere else, don’t bother submitting it to our website. We do check Copyscape and Google before we publish it.
  2. The approximate words of an article should be around 400 to 2000.
  3. The articles should be easy to read for a better user experience and must be distributed into sections with subheadings.
  4. 1 link per 600 words is favorable, max 2-3 links in total. Including the author’s link.
  5. Please involve an author by the line.
  6. We will link back to your website so select your keywords smartly.

Our official Team will evaluate the content or article, we have privileges to improve and revise or edit your content to make it satisfactory for our Website. We will not publish any low-quality articles on our site. So feel free to submit a quality piece of content on our tech blog.


What type of content avoid:

  1. Spun content
  2. Plagiarized content
  3. Short content
  4. Rewritten content
  5. Adult Content
  6. Content o CBD OR CASINO niche 


How to submit your articles:

We will be glad to provide you the opportunity to become a contributor with Wiki Tech GO. In case of any query email us at wikitechgo@gmail.com. We are offering Sponsored Posts, Technology, Product & Mobile app Reviews, and content on Android: If you are interested in sponsored posts or product/ App/ tech reviews, Feel free to contact us for more details. Just send an email to wikitechgo@gmail.com and We will get back to you as soon as possible.


FAQs Related to write for us tech blogs:


How can I contribute to your blog?

If you have awesome content writing skills you can surely write for us. Just email us on our email wikitechgo@gmail.com and we will reply to you as soon we see your email.

What are the content guidelines?

  • Your content must be well-researched and unique. 
  • Content length should be more than 1500 words.
  • Content should be on keywords.
  • Content should not be spun or rewritten.
  • My article will be permanent or temporary?
  • Your article will be for a lifetime and forever on our website.
  • Why you should write to us?
  • If you write for us you will get, Popularity, Branding, Dofollow Backlink with a massive amount of link juice. 


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