How to Edit WhatsApp Messages 

Let,s see how to edit WhatsApp Messages before sending them to anyone. Whatsapp has been planning to add a function of message editing for a few years. But it,s update has not come yet. We all know about the irritation of sending a wrong message to our friends and we are not even able to even fix it. But you don’t need to worry as here we will guide you on how to edit Whatsapp messages before sending them.   How to Edit WhatsApp Messages in an easy way? If…

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Download YouTube Audio on iPhone- in 29 Seconds


Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow you to download YouTube audio on iPhone. The largest online video library is YouTube. It also contains a large amount of audio. A number of unofficial tools are available on the internet by using these tools you can download any kind of video and audio from YouTube. In the same way, the official app of YouTube on the app store of the iPhone does not allow us to download any video or audio. That’s why it is not possible to download audio from the YouTube…

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