New Update: GoDaddy Hacked: 1M+ GoDaddy Users Could Affect

godaddy hacked

According to the securities and exchange commission, GoDaddy has been hacked, which is a popular web registrar and hosting company. The company asserts that they discovered a third party has gained access to its managed WordPress hosting environment completely. This incident observers on 22 November 2023. ALmost 1.2 million users observe their email addresses and … Read more

How to Make your Phone Look Aesthetic

Let,s see How to Make your Phone Look Aesthetic? For people who can’t afford a smartphone with top-down control like Apple in which almost everything is well fitted into a particular brand identity and there is no need to cater to some specific preferences and needs of the users, the android is an obvious choice … Read more

How to Make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

Almost all android devices have the same method of how to make your phone vibrate continuously. But you have to select the most comfortable and easy method according to the specific functions available on your android phone. Here we will explain several methods to make your phone vibrate continuously.   How to Make a Samsung … Read more

Embedding YouTube Video in All Websites and Apps

By embedding YouTube video in every website and application you can easily share your videos across the internet. You don’t have to pay any kind of charges or fee as the video traffic is handled by YouTube. You don’t need to worry about the bandwidth management of your website. It has been experienced that more … Read more

Make Money with a Gaming PC (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are a gaming person then you must be interested to know how to make money with a gaming PC. It depends on the type of gaming PC you are using, it will cost accordingly. This cost can vary from $300 to thousands of dollars. Yet! If you wish to save up for a … Read more

Difference Between Wi-Fi and Hotspot

Hotspot and Wi-Fi both are common terms always utilized to access the Internet, but there is a difference between Wi-Fi and hotspot. Wi-Fi is a wireless network technology that uses radiofrequency waves to connect mobile devices to the Internet without cables, while hotspots are typically for public places that use Wi-Fi to connect devices. Here, … Read more

How to Block Ads on Chrome and Android

Sometimes ads can be very annoying or irritating for some people and they would definitely like to block ads on chrome and android. We all know that the revenue of most of the websites is generated from impressions and clicks of ad banners placed on these websites. Some of these ads appear in the form … Read more

How to Connect Airpods to iPhone

What you should do if you’re having trouble configuring your phone with your AirPods or AirPods Pro or don,t know how to connect AirPods to iPhone? So, here we will show you how you can connect your Apple Wireless AirPods to your iPhone or iPad, and the latest tips to improve your listening experience. Hopefully, … Read more

How to Make a PDF File Smaller

Make PDF Smaller - WikiTechGo

Let’s see how to make a PDF file smaller? Only Adobe PDF [Portable Document Format] files are used for sharing almost all documents on the Internet. PDF files are specially designed to include text formatting and images that are displayed similarly on every device or computer, regardless of the type of hardware, or operating system … Read more

How to Make Bigger Text on Android 

If you have difficulty while reading text on your phone, here are some special steps you can take to learn how to make bigger text on android . Which helps to make the text on your screen bigger. There are different ways to resize the text on IOS and Android. Display settings and then access. … Read more