Why are my calls going straight to voicemail Android? [Solved]

It is quite understood that it can be super embarrassing and disturbing when your phone calls go straight to voicemail without even ringing.

To resolve this you have to set a voicemail system on your Android phone or device because all of your calls are going straight to voicemail.

There are various reasons behind this issue, and to resolve this issue we have guidelines that you have to follow to fix Android phone calls that go straight to voicemail.


Things to check when your calls going straight to voicemail Android


Check your call settings

If one of the following call settings is enabled, don’t be shocked if your calls form directly in your “voicemail:

  • Call rejected or blocked.
  • Call blocking.
  • Forward voicemail.
  • Open the Phone app and press the 3 dot menu.
  • Then go to Settings and click on Auto Reject List.
  • Then you have to remove the numbers that are not on your list.
  • Then go back to Settings and press the More button.
  • Disable all calling settings by selecting call bearings.
  • Go back to settings again and tap on call forwarding.
  • Select Voice Call, and then continue.
  • Call forwarding must be disabled.
  • Reboot your phone and check if your problem is over.

If a limited number of contacts are affected by this issue, the settings for each contact must be checked.

It is also possible that the option to route incoming calls to voicemail is enabled for specific contacts.

Google Pixel phones

Pixel phones have a mode called Google Voice Do Disturb (DND) which allows calls to voicemail.

This feature is only available on Voice for G Suite accounts. All calls received outside of your work or office hours come directly to voicemail.

You first launch the voice app, then tap on the menu, select Settings, and don’t disturb again. You have to check your working hours settings by tapping the calendar.


Google Pixel phones

Disable Bluetooth

Of course, it may seem strange that your Bluetooth can be the reason why your calls are sent to voicemail.

Disable your Bluetooth connection and check if the problem persists.

Swipe up and down your phone screen using two-finger gestures to turn off your Bluetooth. Press the Bluetooth icon to turn off the feature.

Disable Bluetooth


Turn off your Do Not Disturb mode of your Android

If you set your phone to Dust Door Disturb, most of your phone calls will go directly to voicemail.

So you have to see if you put the phone in this mode by mistake.

First, swipe down from the top of the screen, then drag down your phone’s control center.

Then check that the Do Not Disturb icon is not active.

Now you need to make sure Do Not Disturb is not enabled.

Turn off your Android's Do Not Disturb mode

Clear a number from your blocked numbers chart on Android

Are you using your phone’s call blocking feature?

This is to prevent telemarketers and unwanted calls, but you may accidentally block the phone numbers you want to keep in touch with.

You can easily turn it off in your Android phone app.

  • Launch the phone app first.
  • Then you have to press three dots at the top of the screen.
  • In the drop-down menu, select Settings.
  • Then select Block Numbers.
  • Remove the phone number you want to remove from this list that you do not want to send to voicemail immediately.

Most phone numbers go directly to voicemail.

Clear a number from your blocked numbers chart on Android


Replace your Android phone’s SIM card

A faulty or damaged SIM card also causes a lot of problems, and if you change the SIM card frequently, it is more likely to cause problems.

The more you handle it, the more likely it is. That will create a problem.

You should try removing, resetting, and inserting the SIM card to resolve the issue.

But 100% sure that your calls are going to voicemail, you will need to contact your cellular provider and replace the card with the new version.

You can apply for a fresh SIM card without changing your mobile number or making any kind of changes to your service.

Replace your Android phone's SIM card


Test your coverage and talk to your cellular provider

If all of these solutions fail to solve your problem, it’s more possible that the problem is not with your Android handset but with your cellular service you are using.

Check the coverage map from your provider to see if you have a trusted service or if you need to check your service from another phone.

If your coverage is poor, incoming calls will go directly to voicemail.

Try calling your cellular provider’s customer service for additional troubleshooting support.


Disable Call Forwarding Settings

If you enable the call forwarding feature on your device, your calls are forwarded to your voicemail system or another number.

So, if you want to fix phone calls that go directly to voicemail, you have to disable the call forwarding feature on your device.

However, not all Android devices support the call forwarding feature, but if your phone supports it, disabling it will help resolve the issue.

  • First, open the dial pad on your phone.
  • Then click on the hamburger icon or the three horizontal lines at the bottom. This option will vary from phone to phone, and some users will have to press three vertical dots from the top corner of the screen.
  • Then, press Settings.
  • Then tap on Call Forwarding Settings.
  • If you have two SIM cards then you have to choose your SIM number.
  • Now tap on the sound.
  • Disable the ‘always ahead’ option from the list. You can disable the other listed options as well.

Disable Call Forwarding Settings




Can I stop my Android phone from going straight to voicemail?

How do I prevent my phone calls from going to voicemail?

  • Launch your phone app first.
  • Click More
  • Then click Settings.
  • Click Call Forwarding.
  • Press the voice call.
  • Always deactivate by clicking Next.


Is my Android phone not ringing and going straight to voicemail?

Turn off your Bluetooth connection if all your inbound calls go directly to voicemail.

Often your phone thinks it’s connected to a Bluetooth device (such as your car or AirPace) but that device can’t talk to the phone.


Is my Samsung phone not ringing when I get a call?

When someone calls and your Android phone doesn’t ring, it’s because of the user or the software.

You can fix if your Android is not ringing due to a user-related issue, check if the device is silent, not in airplane mode, or do not disturb enabled.


What to do if outgoing calls are not going?

  1. Fix, Android cannot be an outgoing call.
  2. Check your SIM card.
  3. Bluetooth and NFC must be disabled.
  4. Disable VoLTE.
  5. Check with your provider.
  6. Reset your device to factory settings



We hope you enjoy the article and find a solution to your problem. I have explained all possible solutions in case of your calls going straight to voicemail in Android If you still have a problem, you can let us know in the comments. Thank you!


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