What Is The Best Video Camera For YouTube In 2023

Do you want to buy the best video camera for YouTube?

We have tried and tested a lot of the latest model cameras, different mirrorless camera flagships, Action cams and after that, we have explained them in the following buying guide.

In this guide, you will find the best camera according to your requirements like if you are a beginner YouTuber or vlogger you will find here the best YouTube camera that will help you to take your YouTube channel to a higher level. 

The only resolution does not matter for the growth of your YouTube channel and you can start creating YouTube video content by using any device.

If you are a beginner-level YouTuber or vlogger then a compact camera or smartphone would be a great choice but if you want to increase the resolution of your videos with smooth and sharp footage then it is much better to invest in a high-quality camera.

Before you take any decision to buy a camera you need to consider what type of content you want to create.

Like you need an action camera if you want to make adventure videos such as skydiving and hiking. For this, you can choose an action camera like GoPro Hero 9 black and it will be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you are a vlogger and like to walk and talk at the same time then you need a camera like Sony A6600 that offers you the facility to use an external mic with image stabilization.

In recent times one of the best compact cameras for vloggers in the market is Sony ZV-1. Because, it has some amazing features like good image quality, excellent autofocus, an external mic, and a hot-shoe. Moreover, you can get this package at a reasonable and affordable price.


What is the Best Video Camera for YouTube Videos making


What is the best Video Camera for YouTube Videos making


It is an all-around camera means that it is not restricted to YouTube videos rather you can shoot any type of video from this camera.

In this guide, we will also discuss some affordable camera options for you to buy.

Buying a good YouTube camera does not mean getting an advanced features camera instead it is all about how much ease you will get while making the video.

If you have one of the best cameras and it is disturbing your workflow then it is not the best camera for you.

The cameras like Canon PowerShot g7 X Mark III provide you the facility of live streaming on your YouTube channel directly and you even need your laptop or computer.

Here is the list of some top-quality cameras for you to select what is the best video camera for YouTube so that you can purchase it with satisfaction.


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Most of the videographers and vloggers have a big problem or issue with Canon is that there is a crop factor while shooting a video.

Most of the Canon cameras have this issue. But you should thank the G7 X Mark III for solving this issue. This camera has almost the same body and lens as Canon with a new sensor and there is not a 4k crop.

The first time this type of camera has an input microphone that plays an important role if you want to record clean and clear audio with the ability to directly Livestream on YouTube.

This means that if you have a G7 X Mark III camera then without any kind of capture card or system you can easily develop a live setup.

If you are a vlogger this camera will provide you a clean and clear view of yourself as well while shooting.

As it has a Digic 8 processor and 20.1MP 1-inch CMOS sensor which means you can also take some quality still pictures and the custom thumbnail of your video will pop-up in a good way.


  • Input External Microphone
  • Live YouTube Streaming


  • 4k video Resolution
  • High Price Tag


Resolution: 4k

Camera Type: Compact

Screen Size: 3 Inches

Megapixel: 20.2MP

Sensor: 1 Inch CMOS


Sony RX100 Mark VII



Sony RX100 Mark VII

The Sony RX 100 Mark VII has the same look as its predecessor the RX 100 Mark VI and you can still get this camera from the market.

You will get an input microphone with the new version with a quick sensor containing new autofocus from Sony.

It also has an eye-tracking feature. It is quite amazing for vlogging due to its articulating screen able to face down and forward.

It is a versatile camera because it has a wide lens that can go all the way out to 200mm and it is better than its competitors.

The main difference between the Sony RX 100 Mark VII and its competitors is the maximum time of 4k video shooting.

If you want to shoot a 4k video for more than an hour then go to the settings tab and now just set the Auto Power off Tem.

In this way, it will record your video for more than an hour. Otherwise, it has the default option of making 5 minutes 4k video.


  • Excellent Autofocus
  • External Input Microphone


  • Indigent Touchscreen Support
  • High Price Tag


Video Resolution: 4k

Camera Type: Compact

Megapixel: 20.2MP

Sensor: 1 Inch CMOS

Screen: 3 Inch


DJI Osmo Pocket

Before this era making YouTube videos were not quite handy as you can fit YouTube cameras in your hands or pockets.

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a tiny camera that you can even fit in your pocket.

It is an all-around camera because it can capture photos of 12MP along with smooth stabilization and also shoot 4k videos.

The YouTubers can easily frame their video accurately because it has a small screen and record videos on micro SD cards.

Furthermore, if you want to have a big viewfinder you can connect it to the DJI app that is available on both Android and iOS devices which will provide you more control with a wireless adapter.

Some inarguable limitations are not so surprising according to the size of the pocket.

The lens of the action camera is not wide and also doesn’t have an external input mic. For time-lapse video mounting options are not available.

You can get better audio quality with some additional accessories. It also has waterproofing features. It also has waterproofing features.


Pocket Friendly

Image Stabilisation


Mic Port is not Available 

Mounting Option is not Available


Video Resolution: 4k

Megapixel: 12MP

Camera Type: Action Camera 

Screen Size: 1 Inch

Sensor: ½.3 Inch 


GoPro Hero9 Black


GoPro Hero9 Black

Now we are going to discuss one of the most liked and favorite cameras of YouTubers.

With some excellent image quality and image stabilization, it is considered the world’s best flagship product.

The explorers and adventure-loving people are dying heart fans of this camera.

Although it is more pricey as compared to the DJI Osmo action camera, the GoPro Hero9 Black has a front-facing screen of 1.4 Inches with easy framing of videos and selfies.

A good range of third-party accessories is also compatible with GoPro Hero9 Black.

With HyperSmooth 3.0 it has some excellent features including image stabilization for better performance.

As a result, you will get some smooth hand shots and videos. While shooting 5k video it is not easy to resist.

In the shape of the brand’s Max lens that helps you to use the removable lens to get an ultra-wide 155-degree view which is a very reliable feature for education, yoga classes, and group vlogging GoPro Hero9 Black has some amazing features.

With the help of GoPro Max, 360-degree horizon lock the max lens mod will also bring 360-degree mod in this way you can rotate the camera at an angle of 360 degrees.

A suite of modular series is contained by the GoPro Hero9 Black the media model is wrapped around the Hero9 and also enables display mod and GoPro light mod. This camera is also best for recording YouTube shorts and long videos.


  • Accessory Options
  • Image Body Stabilisation


  • Average Microphone
  • High Price Tag


Video Resolution: 5k

Camera Type: Action

Screen: 1.4 Inch

Sensor: ½.3 Inch

Megapixel: 20MP


DJI Osmo Action

The DJI has made such a masterpiece camera that offers brilliant image quality, image stabilization, and encapsulating ultra-wide-angle camera for YouTubers and vloggers. But the audio quality is not good.

With a front display in the action cam space which is helpful for framing.

Professional videographers will prefer GoPro because capturing videos on GoPro is very easy. On the other hand, the action footage of DJI Osmo action is YouTube ready and it also warms the skin tones.

When the RockSteady stabilization of the camera is active than at the maximum resolution it has lag issues for live view.

The experience of using the app was also not quite good. The Osmo Action camera would be an amazing choice if you are interested in a camera that offers you maximum results according to your spendings.


  • Waterproof and Premium Design
  • Excellent Image Stabilisation


  • Poor Audio Quality
  • In 4k Video Viewfinder lag


Video Resolution: 4k

Camera Type: Action

Screen Size: 1.4 Inch

Megapixel: 12MP

Sensor: ½.3


Canon EOS M6 Mark II

The Canon EOS M6 Mark II sports an APS-C camera of high resolution with a 32.5MP sensor.

Along with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II, the Canon EOS 90D was also announced.

It was the first mirrorless still camera by Canon that can capture uncropped 4k videos. This camera is good for vloggers as they require a wide-angle for vlogging.

That is also a good choice for the persons who don’t have any person to shoot their video by keeping the video sharp because it has dual pixel AF.

It will suit the YouTubers well because there is no viewfinder with the original M6 and the screen will be visible on the top of the camera because it flips out.

If you want to use the hot shoe as a shotgun then it will not use as much, so it will be a good setup if you have a lav mic. From a connection perspective, it has a USB-C port and a microphone jack.

Except that there is not a wide range of lenses for the M6 Mark II in the Canon.

The camera can also take EF lenses with the additional inexpensive adapter. You will find it as the best video camera for YouTube.


  • Have Eye Tracking
  • 4k Uncropped Video


  • Weather Sealing Not Available
  • No Image body Stabilisation


Video Resolution: 4k

Megapixel: 32.5MP

Screen Size: 3-Inch

Camera Type: Mirrorless

Viewfinder: Electronic


What is the Best Camera for Vlogging in YouTub



Sony A6600

The people who like to shoot for the whole day long without changing the battery and charging the battery of your camera again and again the Sony A6600 would be a better camera choice.

You can continuously shoot videos with Sony A6600 for a time of 3 hours.

That is almost three times more than the video capturing time of Canon EOS M6 Mark II and five times more video shooting time of cinema cameras such as Blackmagic Pocket cinema 6k Camera.

The microphone ports are now commonplace. In the A-series cameras of Sony, it is the first one that has a fully articulating screen.

To monitor your audio recording it also has a headphone jack. The Sony A6600 camera can record unlimited 4k videos with image stabilization. It,s price is a little high.

For the people interested in vlogging with a good amount of money, it is a good choice.

Sony A6600


  • Headphone and Microphone Jack
  • 4k Video Recording


  • There is no 10-bit video
  • Shotgun Mic Blocks Screen


Video Resolution: 4k

Megapixel: 24.2MP

Camera Type: Mirrorless

Screen Size: 3 Inch

Sensor: APS-C


Panasonic GH5

The Panasonic GH5 is equally favorite of amateur filmmakers and professional  YouTubers and it seems a little surprising.

The Panasonic GH5 has image body stabilization that Panasonic GH5s does not have but it internally shoots 10 bit 4k like GH5S.

After the software update the autofocus this camera has been improved and with a speed of 60fps in 4k and a speed of 180fps in full HD with slow-motion capture as well.

The contrast-based AF system of Panasonic could be distracting while making videos. You can get better services from Olympus OM-D-EM5 Mark III containing rock solid phase.

You can do vlogging without obstruction on Panasonic GH5 because of it,s articulating display which opens outside and it would not be blocked by the shotgun mic located on the hot-shoe.

Moreover, to access clean video easily it has a full-sized HDMI out. For pairing with an Atomos Ninja V it will be perfect.


  • Image Body Stabilisation
  • 4k and 10-bit Recording


  • Low-Light AF
  • Improved AF


Video Resolution: 4k

Megapixel: 20.3MP

Screen Size: 3.2Inch

Camera Type: Mirrorless

Sensor: Four Third


What camera do youtubers use in 2023

What camera do youtubers use in 2023


Sigma fp

The Sigma fp is a versatile camera because of its modular camera but you cannot be a clear choice for YouTube content creation. It has a good reputation in the market.

There is a party trick in it because via USB you can stream natively.

You will select it if you are not interested in an HDMI capture card rather looking for a streaming camera.

Although, some cameras have high price tags and adapter friendly fp the L-mount offers a brilliant selection of lenses.

When you will do bolting on glass from other brands of cameras then you will realize what is the purpose of this camera.

The Sigma fp covers all the video demands with 1080p up to 120fps and 4k up to 30fps.

This means that if you want to use this camera for vlogging then some features are missing in it.

While shooting you cannot flip your camera to check to frame because it,s display is fixed.

The second missing feature of Sigma fp is that the continuous AF is not much great. Because of the GH5,s  bad habit of pulsing between background and subject Sigma fp is better than the GH5.


  • Modular Design
  • The sensor of Full Frame
  • USB Stream


  • Absent of EVF
  • Trisky Autofocus
  • Only one Card Slot


Megapixel: 24.6MP

Sensor: Full Frame

Weight: 90.7g


Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro


In this list of best YouTube cameras, the Huawei P30 Pro is the only camera smartphone greater than 2x optical zoom due which you get close to your subject roughly about 4.6x.

This camera phone contains four cameras, the same as the Note 10 plus.

It has three focal lengths telephoto, ultra-wide and wide. With the time of a flight camera, you can easily identify the depth accurately.

What makes the Huawei 30 Pro a suitable camera for vlogging is it,s rear camera but not it,s selfie camera. For photos and videos, its stabilization is quite effective.

Due to it,s camera it is one of the best camera phones for travel vlogging.

Although you can combine Shure MV88+ with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to record audio. The Huawei P30 Pro was launched in the year 2019 but still, you cannot challenge the versatility of this device due to it,s rear camera.


  • Versatile Camera
  • Excellent Zoom


  • Limited Video Editing
  • HD Resolution Selfie Camera


Rear Camera: 40MP

Video Resolution: 4k

Front Camera: 32MP

Camera Type: Smartphone Camera


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Only the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus can capture 4k video and it also has an onboard editing app through which you can edit a picture or video completely.

The rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus has a telephoto, wide and ultra-wide lens and for depth sensing, it has a time of flight camera, in short, it is a versatile setup.

You can capture some quality photos and videos with it,s camera and you will get the same results as a professional camera because of its image stabilization.

The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is also splendid. Most of the selfie cameras of different smartphones do not have autofocus.

By combining good light and mic you can create quality vlogs for your YouTube channel.


  • Wonderful Display
  • Excellent Selfie Camera


  • Costly

  • Manual Video Not Available


Fujifilm X-S10

The Fujifilm is one of the best YouTube cameras. It is an all-rounder mirrorless camera.

It has excellent specifications, versatility, and affordable price.

The Fujifilm X-S10 offers one of the best video functions such as 4k/30p video recording as it is paired with X processor 4.

Moreover, it has a 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, the option of output 4:2:2 10-bit video, it also contains an external mic source. It has body image stabilization and a slow-motion effect.

It offers a great package with ease to use and a stylish design. If you don’t want to create YouTube video content you can also take some great still pictures.

It’s price is not so high as compared to the specifications it offers. Fujifilm X-S10 is also the best video camera for YouTube.


  • Good Handling
  • Impressive Sensor
  • Compact Body


  • Limited Screen Functionality
  • Waterproofing Lack


Olympus E-M5 Mark III

The YouTubers feel happy by using Olympus E-M5 Mark III Camera. Because it has impressive body image stabilization and its lightweight construction.

The lenses of Olympus E-M5 Mark III are interchangeable and it works as an engineer during the sessions of long handheld recording.

It has some outstanding specifications like you can capture slo-mo video at the shooting speed of 120fps and the cinema 4k shooting option at the shooting speed of 24fps and bit rate of 237Mbps.

If you will talk about the outright image quality the E-M5 Mark III might not be a good option and its four third sensor is not as big as it,s competitors.

The video footage of the Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera has rich details with wonderful color rendition.

There is a headphone jack in the camera to monitor audio recording in real-time. The handgrip of this camera is a little bit larger so that you can hold it easily.

No doubt that Olympus E-M5 Mark III is the one of the best best video camera for YouTube.


  • Good Handling and Compact Body
  • Steady Image Stabilisation
  • Excellent Specifications


  • Headphone Jack Not Available 


Video Resolution: 20.4MP

Screen Size: 3 Inch

Camera Type: Mirrorless Camera

Sensor: Four Third

Weight: 414g

Warping Lines

If you are a beginner in the YouTube field then definitely you will be looking to buy some good quality camera but may you don,t know what is the best video camera for YouTube.

But in this guide, we have provided you a list of the best YouTube cameras with some excellent features and affordable prices. Hope you will find the best camera according to your requirements.

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