Phone with Best Processor and RAM [6 GB to 12 GB Ram]

Do you like to play video games on your phone (that might not have the best processor and RAM)?

It might be disturbing for you when your phone hangs out while playing games on your mobile phone.

The reason behind your phone getting hang during your gameplay is that your processor is not able to handle many tasks at the same time.

So, you need a mobile Phone with Best Processor and RAM. There are many mobile phones available in the market with the best processor RAM.


Mobile Phone Processor

If you want to replace your phone with a phone having an efficient processor and RAM then you can have a look at multiple options from our buying guide.

The mobile phone processor is also included in the specifications of a mobile phone like storage, battery, and camera.

The speed of your phone depends upon the processor of your phone.

The speed of your phone will be slow or fast according to the processor of your mobile phone.


Phone with Best Processor and RAM

That is a bit confusing to know which processor or mobile phone processor will be the best because you cannot judge anything at first glance.

If your mobile phone processor has good speed then you can do anything on your mobile phone.

Same as a computer system it affects your mobile performance whether it will work fast or slow.

You can consider it as the brain of your device that can power all the functions and applications of your mobile phone.

Here we will explain about some mobile phones to make it easy for you to select a Phone with Best Processor and RAM.


Apple’s a13 Bionic Chip

The Apple a13 Bionic chip is a GPU or CPU designed by Apple in a custom way.

To accelerate the machine learning acceleration they also introduce the neural engine.

Apple is the first company that uses the process of a second-generation 7-nanometer which means, the tightly packed and small transistors that offer less power.

It provides maximum performance, power, and efficiency at a higher clock speed.

The versions earlier than A 13 Bionic Chip like the A 11 Bionic Chip that powers iPhone 8, the iPhone X, and iPhone XR are powered by the A 12 Bionic Chip.

The Apple A12 Bionic Chip with 4 core GPU and 6 core CPU is considered the smartest and powerful chip.

The A11 Chip also contains proper cores that are assigned to some specific apps and tasks to get maximum power efficiency with the same processor as the A12 Chip.


iPhone 11 Pro (Apple a11 Bionic Chip)

In recent times the iPhone 11 pro has one of the most efficient and powerful processors.

It,s specifications are not just restricted to the Processor rather it has some amazing photography features such as it has dynamic and ultrawide lenses which you can use to capture images even in the dark light or nighttime.

It has lightning charge capability and it can carry the battery for almost 10 to 11 hours.

It has a beautiful and compact design. But it is more thick and heavy as compared to the other iPhones.


Screen Size: 5.85 Inch

Battery Life: 3,046 mAH

Storage Capacity: 512GB/256GB/64GB



iPhone 8 (Apple a11 Bionic Chip)

With the arrival of the new flagship of iPhone the prices of old models of iPhones have been reduced.

In the same way, the iPhone 8 is also available at cheap and affordable rates.

But the iPhone 8 is included in the reboot of iOS 13 which means that you can enjoy the features of iOS 13 at reasonable prices.

The iPhone 8 has a fast and efficient processor because it has Apple 11 Bionic Chip.


Screen Size: 4.7 Inch

Battery Life: 1821 mAH

Storage Capacity: 256GB/64GB



iPhone XR (Apple a12 Bionic Chip)

The iPhone XR was launched at the date of September 2018.

This model of iPhone left the home button and adopted the navigation system based on swipe.

This model of iPhone offers some good features and impressive performance with a fast processor as it has Apple a12 Bionic Chip.

If you are interested in buying this device you can get it at a very reasonable and affordable price.


Screen Size: 6.1 Inch

Storage Capacity: 256GB/ 128GB/ 64GB

Battery Life: 2942



Huawei’s HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G

The HiSilicon Kirin 990 is one of the best and latest flagship chipset offered by Huawei.

It has more than a billion transistors in a tiny chipset as it is the first flagship 5G SoC and powered by 7nm+ EUV2.

It has a download speed of 1.25Gbps and a 5G peak download rate reach at speed of 2.3 Gbps.

For an impressive gaming experience, the Kirin gaming 2.0 is designed with HD graphics.

You can easily transfer the files from the back end because it has lightning-speed memory storage.


Huawei Mate 30 (HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G)

The back and front design of Huawei Mate 30 is covered by glass and it also has a lining of metal on its edges.

As Huawei features the Kirin 990 for the first time it has many things to offer.

On the other side if you are a user of the Play Store and Google services then unfortunately you are going to miss them because Google services are not available on this device.


Screen Size: 6.62 Inches

Battery Life: 4200 mAH

Storage Capacity: 128GB


Huawei P30 Pro (HiSilicon Kirin 980)

As compared to the earlier version the Huawei P30 Pro brag due to it,s 3x optical zoom feature.

It becomes more worthy due to the battery optimization strategy.

Moreover, it has the processor of HiSilicon Kirin 980 for fast speed with some other excellent features.


Screen Size: 6.47 Inch

Battery Life: 4200 mAH

Storage Capacity: 512GB/256GB/128GB



Samsung’s Exynos 990

The Exynos 990 is a flagship processor of Samsung and it is known as the best mobile processor because of its ability to use AI processing.

It produces some up level of photography when combined with capabilities of advanced imaging.

You can play games without lag or disturbance due to the ARM Mali G77 MP11 GPU.


Which Phone has the Fastest Processor?


Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Exynos 9820)

The people who require more power or battery life to use in a whole day would be a good choice for them.

If you are a person who likes to take selfies and use a front camera you can also prefer Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Moreover, it has a triple-lens camera and long battery life with Qi charging.


Screen Size: 6.8 Inch

Battery Life: 4100 mAH

Storage Capacity: 1TB/512GB/128



Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Exynos 9825)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ was released last August 23 and comes with a big phone screen and an S pen option that will cost a bit more than the basic price.

Though you might want to be careful and avoid dropping this precious device, as having a slick glass back makes it delicate. That is a Phone with Best Processor and RAM


Screen Size: 6.8 Inch

Battery Life: 4300 mAH

Storage Capacity: 512GB/256GB

RAM: 12 GB


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G

You can do much better from Snapdragon 865 5G with a revved-up GPU and a quad-core processor.

Furthermore, you can add the features like gigapixel speed photography and features of desktop gaming level.

You can also shoot some quality videos from this device except its Spectra 480 ISP.

You will get exceptional battery life and amazing efficiency with Kryo 585 CPU.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Phones

It is one of the two smartphones with the rumor that they are powered by the 865 processor of Snapdragon.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 or Samsung Galaxy S20 was launched on the date of 6 March 2020.

And the ASUS ROG phone 3 was launched on the date of 12 March 2020.


Asus ROG Phone 2 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus)

The Asus ROG phone is one of the top devices because of it,s high storage capacity, long battery life, and the best gaming device with efficient performing RAM.

With these specifications and batteries, you can get an excellent gaming experience.

If still you are not satisfied then you can use solar-powered phone chargers. The frequency of ROG Phone 2 is about 2.96GHz.

Its side charging design with front-facing speakers made it the best phone for gaming. It is one of the excellent features that is found only in a few devices.


Screen Size: 6.59 Inch

Battery Life: 6000 mAH

Storage Capacity: 1TB/512GB/256GB/128GB



Nubia Red Magic 3s (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus)

It is another high-performing phone with the best processor and RAM.

If you are looking for a high-performing device with an excellent gaming experience then it will be one of them.

The refresh rate of Nubia Red Magic 3s is about 90 Hz OLED screen. It also has a good battery capacity of 5000mAH.


Screen Size: 6.65 Inch

Battery Life: 5000 mAH


Storage Capacity: 256GB/128GB


OnePlus 7 Pro (Qualcomm Snapdragon 855)

The OnePlus 7 Pro is considered the best competitor of Samsung and iPhone.

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. There is also a neat camera with a pop-up, rear camera, and fingerprint sensor.

It is one of the phones with the best processor and RAM.


Screen Size: 6.67 Inch

Battery Life: 4000 mAH


Storage Capacity: 256GB/128GB


Realme X50 Pro

The Realme X50 Pro is one of the top Mobile phone models with 12GB RAM.

The flagship specimen of the phone is fitted with the Snapdragon 865 silicon.

You can increase storage up to 256GB. It does not have the option of expansion.

Furthermore, it has quad rear cameras of 64MP, a 65W Super VOOC flash charge, and an ultra-smooth display of 90Hz.


Screen Size: 6.44 Inch

Battery Life: 4200 mAH

Rear Cameras: 2MP+8MP+12MP+64MP

Front Camera: 32MP

Processor: Snapdragon


Which mobile phone has the highest RAM?

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has some great and high-quality specifications.

This phone has a Snapdragon 865 processor with an internal storage of 512 GB and 12 GB RAM. For its high-figured hardware, the battery of 4500mAH is enough.

You will get MIUI skin on android OS quickly.

If you are interested in photography then it has a rear camera of 20MP+12M+108MP with a selfie camera of 20MP.


Screen Size: 6.67 Inch

Storage Capacity: 512GB

Weight: 208g

Rear Camera: 20MP+12MP+8MP+108MP

Front Camera: 20MP

Battery Life: 4500mAH


Motorola Edge+

The Motorola Edge+ indicates the return of Motorola in the area of the flagship.

You will get a full-fledged package that you expect from any high-level android mobile.

One of its amazing specifications is 12GB RAM. It has a processor of Snapdragon 865 chipset.

You will get a front-facing camera of 25MP and a triple unit back camera of 108MP.

The Motorola Edge+ has a battery capacity of 5000mAH with a fast charger of 18W.


Screen Size: 6.7 Inch

Storage: 256GB

Rear Camera: 8MP+16MP+108MP

Front Camera: 25MP

Weight: 203g


Oppo Find X2 Pro

Oppo has launched both of it,s flagships with some outstanding features and specifications as it has a processor of snapdragon 865, display of 120Hz AMOLED, and 12GB RAM.

The telephoto lens of assembly of periscope style is the main difference between these two models.

This telephoto lens is contained by the pro model of Oppo. Otherwise, internally both of these mobile phones are the same.


Screen Size: 6.7 Inch

Weight: 217g

Rear Camera: 48MP+48MP+13MP

Battery Life: 4260mAH

Storage Capacity: 512GB

Processor: Snapdragon 865 octa-core CPU

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is one of the fascinating handsets in the market. It,s internal features are also outstanding.

It has 12GB of RAM and 512GB ROM. The Android 10 model has the processor of Snapdragon 855.

The battery life of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is 4050mAH with a charger of 40W.

The triple unit camera of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha has a sensor of 108MP.

The other two sensors in the triple unit camera are, a 12MP telephoto lens and a 20MP wide-angle lens.

These cameras are also used to take selfies and the rear glass acts as a viewfinder.


Screen Size: 7.92

Weight: 241g

Rear Camera: 20MP+12MP+108MP

Front Camera: It Use Rear

Storage: 512GB


Dimensions: 154.4 x 72.3 x 10.4



If you like to play games on your phone or you have to use any heavy software on your mobile phone then you need a Phone with Best Processor and RAM.

In the following article, we have explained all the best possible options for you and hope it will be easy for you to select the best phone with the required specifications.

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