How to Earn Money from Gaming [2023 Techniques]

Gaming was created for entertainment, but now it is more than a hobby. People now gamble to make money instead of wasting their time looking for a job so the point is how to earn money from gaming.

It’s not as easy as we think.

A lot of people give up because when you do it for money and then you realize it’s not that easy.

Here, just like in other areas of life, when someone loses, someone wins because it is a leisure activity.

But no, you don’t have to give up your lifestyle anymore to become a professional gamer. 


How to Make Money from gaming at home

You will find various gaming websites and gaming themes, with which you can earn money on weekends or by spending some time on them.

Anyway, there are more effective ways to play for money. Following  are the steps to earn money from Gaming.


  1. Stream on Twitch
  2. Place Your Bets
  3. Become a Reviewer
  4. Gamesville
  5. Paid Game Player
  6. Second Life
  7. Swagbucks
  8. InboxDollars
  9. Point Club
  10. Bingo Mania
  11. Pogo
  12. Provide Game Play Tutorials
  13. Become a Professional Gamer
  14. Become a Gaming Coach
  15. Write for Games
  16. Game Tester
  17. Solitaire Cube 
  18. Blitz 
  19. Slingo
  20. Lucktastic
  21. Customer Service for Gamers
  22. Become a YouTuber


Stream on Twitch

An easy way to make money from games is to play on a platform like Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

If you choose the right game and have the ability to communicate with the camera, you are more likely to build an audience and build a community around your passion.

Thousands of other people do the same, and it’s a very important industry, so prepare yourself for failure and find yourself a USP.


Place Your Bets

If you are serious and like topics like global aggression and counter-strike, you can make money from your sports.

Websites like let you find new gambling sites that allow players to sign up bonuses to play better, so play now and start earning money.


Become a Reviewer

One more strategy to earn money from gaming is to become a reviewer.

Usually, companies regularly look for beta testers for new gaming titles, and though the industry is changing towards unpaid beta tests and free versions of games in alpha.

There are yet developers and gaming studios that give importance to a professional statement. Make some videos where you break down games and review them on a commercial level and send them to one of the favorite studios.

You might even get homework where you are invited to play x hours of a new game and feedback your viewpoints.



Gamesville is the Internet’s first and most popular free gaming website.

Here you are given GV rewards for playing games, getting top marks, and getting slots.

Gamesville also offers net cash prizes for those who are not interested in winning a GV prize.


Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player offers web-based gaming persons an opportunity to make some money while making the most of their #1 game on the web.

When you register with the free Paid Game Player account, you get the chance to access more than 600 unique games on their site.

Nonetheless, you should be at any rate 18 years of age to enroll and begin bringing in cash.

The games incorporate an online club, puzzle games, arcade games, and considerably more.


Second Life

Second Life is one of the most sought after items on the Internet today.

This website encourages property trading, sells gadgets, clothing, creates and sells content, and allows for many more.

You can even get paid for sitting in a chair outside the store. This is a way to attract people to your store.



Swagbucks pays people for other things besides playing games.

This site offers a variety of tasks, such as shopping, watching videos, playing games, and searching for products.

For starters, you can participate in a variety of games on a daily basis and gain experience.

Swagbucks can earn and increase your earnings.



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Inbox Dollar offers you some money to play online games.

All you have to do is sign up with InboxDollar at no cost and start playing right away.

The website offers you a variety of games.

You can earn $ 10 a day in the beginning and the faster you grow, the more money you can make.



Point Club

One that offers you to play various games like online games is Point Club which is a popular survey platform and pays a lot to complete.

To join, users must be over 13 years of age or younger.

It must have a valid email address. Members get 5 for signing up.

This platform would be a great choice for you if you want to earn money from gaming.

Money-making games such as Mypoints and Swagbucks offer their players different opportunities to earn points and after getting these points you can trade the points in return for gift cards and PayPal payments. 

But in this method, you have to spend some as well.

To play the game you have to purchase the tokens of the game from the site.

After purchasing tokens in return you will get some points.

Instead, if you want to play the games like Deals or No Deals Slots, Super Plunko, and Bejeweled 2.

This could be a great way to play games with earning money and having some fun. You can also get free games from Swagbuck.


 Bingo Mania

There is an opportunity to earn some money by playing bingo online.

If you like bingo, you can play here. Here you can play a variety of bingo games that he offers daily.

Money keeps growing until someone wins.




Pogo may not be a gaming site for beginners, as you will have to look at advertisements for five days to collect tokens, and you will be able to use these tokens to participate in many exciting and exciting games and earn money from them.

Have to use In addition, winners receive a 10,000 daily prize.

The more you can play, the closer you get to the prize money.


Provide Game Play Tutorials

You can also earn money with the help of tutorials for playing video games.

Your YouTube channel or streaming site will earn whoever clicks on it.

You get paid with every click. They pay Google, like display ads on the video. Google, part of the alphabet, owns YouTube.

All you have to do is open an AdSense account, and link it to your YouTube account.

But to make money with video game tutorials or any other method, you need to get experience from other people.


Become a Professional Gamer

Becoming a pro gamer is a risky but great way to make money, but if you enjoy the excitement of competition you may be able to.

It’s important to be the best professional.

And if you want to be an export player, you have to try to improve the eSports team.


Become a Gaming Coach

The whole industry follows suit when it comes to sports development.

There are so many teachers and coaches!

You can be a part of this growing industry by incorporating your gaming experience as a coach.

If you already have a good position, you can recruit private students directly.

You can earn by applying on such a site.

It is not difficult to earn $ 25 per hour as a teacher on Gamer Sensei and any of them.


Write for Games

If you have the ability to write, you can write art directly for the game.

Although video game writing is not so easy to break.

But if you are a creative writer, it is not difficult for you.


Game Tester

The biggest difference between a ‘game tester’ and a ‘beta tester’ or ‘quality assurance tester’ is that QA deals with a product that already has a certain level of quality as desired by the developers.

Becoming a ‘tester’ is literally trying to ‘break’ a game, or find ways to disrupt it because it is also a source of entertainment for users.


Solitaire Cube 

This is the latest version of the popular card game classic game Klondike Solitaire.

Each round lasts one or two minutes.

Instead of being a solo game, you can compete with players from all over the world and for that, you have to use platform scales.

You can also win cash prizes by playing in tournaments.

Users cannot earn the same amount of money.

A skilled user can earn more while a new user can earn less. It depends on your ability how much you can benefit from it.



You can play for free. When you play real money games, you can turn them into cash games.

In this, you will be competing with other users who have the same skills.

This can give the opportunity to less skilled players than hard-working players.




This online game combines the game of bingo with free slots, and it is very popular.

It’s been around since the days of AOL, but now you can run it on a desktop or mobile app.



This platform is only available on smartphones.

More than 10 million users have won cash by playing online games on it.

Real money games are free here, and no shopping at all.

Your win will depend on the number of people playing scratch cards and the number of people entering the competition.



Customer Service for Gamers

You can also earn money through your skills that you have learned while playing games.

Some gaming consultant companies are also out there. One of the popular companies in this particular field is Sutherland Global Services.

This company helps the gamers and the people who experience technical support of gaming.

Moreover, Sutherland Global Services also offers you the gaming equipment you needed.

To get this equipment you have to show your gaming skills. You can earn money by doing a part-time job as a gaming support consultant.

If you like gaming then it would be fun for you. You can earn almost 9$ per hour from this job.

If you are a professional, creative and talented content writer then you can easily write about games and gaming.

It is not an easy task to write content for different video games.

But if you are a creative content writer then by writing tabletop games content you can earn a good amount of money through freelancing because you will get a lot of content about the tabletop gaming experience.


Become a YouTuber

If you have enough skills to engage people with your gaming skills then it would be a good option to become a YouTuber. You can teach people different techniques about gaming.

On the other hand, you can review games and entertain people using gaming content. If you have these skills then definitely you can earn a handsome amount of money.

When you become a YouTube star then different gaming companies will offer you to review their gaming products and in return, they will pay you some money.



Above are some different ways to clarify the concept of how to earn money from gaming.

There are also many more ways to make money from your hobbies listed here.

Furthermore, as you may have guessed from reading this article, I have tried to guide you in-depth about each of the ideas on this list.

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