12 Best Game Apps to Make Money Fast In 2023

How do you spend your spare time in a day after completing your job hours? Do you play games? Or have some fun. If yes then you can also make money by playing games. Here you will get complete information about the best game apps to make money fast with download links.

Everybody who wants to earn extra cash can benefit from these games.

It is not quite easy to find a way to earn money when you have some spare time.

Some people also want to do some extra work after doing a full day out.

This extra work will not give you so much money to become rich. Therefore, there are some best game apps to make money fast available.

You just have to play games on these apps to make money.


Best Game Apps to Make Money At Home.

Some apps work well and also pay money to the people who use them. You will find several such apps.

We can’t disagree with the fact that some scams and sketchy apps are also out there. But only a few of them are legit and original.

You can’t rely on these apps completely to replace your job with these apps.

But they can help you to make some extra money for your pocket change.

Here we will are going to talk about apps that pay you real money.

  1. Swagbucks 
  2. MyPoints 
  3. Mistplay
  4. Publishers Clearing House
  5. Bananatic
  6. Swag IQ
  7. Long Game
  8. Givling
  9. Brain Battle
  10. Big Time Cash
  11. Pogo 
  12. Blast



When you will see the list of top money earning games you will find Swagbucks in that list. 

You can play Swagbucks games on your Android or iPhone.

You can earn almost 2 to 4 dollars each hour. You don’t have to pay any charges before playing this game.

The payment methods supported by Swagbucks is PayPal.The Swagbucks app is one of the best apps that pay money to its users in the form of rewards.

You can signup with this app easily from your android phone or PC. 

You can earn money from this app in different ways. You have to earn rewards points known as Swagbucks.

To earn rewards you can watch videos, search the internet, take surveys, use a website shopping portal and offer free trials of different products you will earn points on each purchase.

This app contains a different category of games like cash games. 

You can play these games for free but you will not be able to earn money. But if you have enough skills in the games, you can take part in a player vs player game where you can earn money as a cash prize.

For this, you also have to pay some money and by winning you can earn profit otherwise you will lose your money. It seems like a gamble.

But you can get a rebate on your entry fee from Swagbucks. You will get 1 Swagbucks at the cost of 1 penny.

Some free games are also offered by Swagbucks and by playing these games you can earn a few Swagbucks each day.

So, if you want to earn money from Swagbucks then you have to install the Swagbucks game on your android phone.

To install the app you have to first signup with the Swagbucks website, then download the Swagbucks app.

To earn money you have to achieve some levels. After reaching the required level you will start earning reward points.

Swagbucks offers a bonus of 5$.



You can play this game on your iPhone, Android, and the mypoints.com website. From this app, you can earn 2 to 4$ each day. There is not any kind of entrance fee to play games. The payment method supported by Mupoints is PayPal.MyPoints is a website and works the same as Swagbucks. It offers rewards by performing different activities such as watching videos, playing games, and taking different types of surveys. This game focuses on earning money.

 When you will shop from their partner retailers’ store or online website then you will get almost 40% of reward points. You will also get vouchers and coupons while shopping. You can earn money by having fun by surveying and answering the poll questions on the site of MyPoints. By using this method you will earn some points even without spending any money. 

You can get your earning via PayPal or you can use it while shopping from different retailers as a gift card. You can also use your reward points in United MileagePlus to save money on your flights.




This game is also available on android. This game can help you earn almost 3 to 5 dollars per day easily. It has no kind of entry charges to play this game.

You can receive your money in the form of gift cards. Mistplay app is only available for android users.

It rewards you for playing games on your android mobile phone.

After downloading the Mistplay game it will appear several games on the form of a list that you can play. 

You can select any game from the list you want to play then you have to download this game and just start playing this game and start earning money straight away.

There are three reward currencies named Units, PXP, and GXP. The player experience points or PXP are tied to your account.

Whenever you play a game via MistPlay you will earn PXP. The higher your PXP levels, the higher will be the rate of your GXP earning.

Mistplay is the best game Apps to make money in real.

Game experience points or GXP is tied to the game you lay through the app of MistPlay.

You will earn as many units as many GXP you will earn by Playing that particular game.

If you will quit the first game and start playing the other game your GXP will start from 0.

But your GXP will not get expired or degraded which means that you will return to the same level from where you left the game.

The units will be the currency that you can redeem as a gift card. How many units you can earn and how many GXP you can have varied from game to game.

Each day you will get different levels of units.

So, if you want to earn good GXP and units it will be better to be a master in one of the games available on the Mistplay app. 

But maybe you will be able to earn a good amount of money by playing different games.

Usually, you can earn a minimum of 3$ in each hour and you can only use this money after reaching the 5$ worth of units.

If you want to earn some handsome amount of money then you have to take part in different contests.

You can also make good money by completing the streaks of playing a game consistently.

This is also the legit and best game Apps to make money fast.


Publishers Clearing House.

You can play this game on the official site of Publishers clearing house PCH.com, on iPhone and Android.

You can earn a good amount of money from this game and it varies according to your ability.

This game is free to play. You can earn money from this game in cash or the form of gift cards.

Publishers clearing house is known as one of the best companies among people. This game has an app and website.

But the difference between other games and Publishers clearinghouse is that you cannot earn rewards with a guarantee.

Such as there is not any guarantee that you will earn the reward of 3$ by playing the game for an hour.

But playing games through publishers clearing house apps or playing games online you can earn entries by taking part in different giveaways and contests.

Online Scratch-off games, Instant win, and multi-million dollar drawings are included in the giveaways.

There are only a few chances of yours to win anything because the odds on most of the games are very long.

But if you have to pass the time these games can be fun.

Still, there are fewer chances to win a contest to earn a good amount of money.

Publishers Clearing House is my favorite game app to earn money.



If you want to play new games and want to give your review for these games then you should try Bananatic.

Because this app is specially built for game developers to test their new games and get some suggestions and reviews to improve the game.

This app contains a big community of gamers who meet each other via this app, have discussions about games, development, and bugs.

You can also earn some money as a virtual game virtual currency by completing levels, playing games, and giving reviews.

You can also use this virtual currency to get premium games, to get some digital content, and gift cards.


Swag IQ.

If you are interested in testing your knowledge then you have to check the Swag IQ app.

By playing this game you can earn a cash prize. Moreover, you can win a grand prize by answering all the questions.

In this game format, a series of trivia questions will be presented to you with multiple choices for each.

You have to answer in 10 seconds. Before 10 seconds you have to answer otherwise you will be out of the race of grand prize.


Long Game.

This game is available for both Android and iPhone users.

There is not any estimated amount you can earn each day from this platform.

There are not any kinds of charges you have to pay if you want to play this game.

You can get your earnings in your savings account.

The long game is a unique type of app from which you can earn money as a reward by playing different games.

Long Game is one of the online games that pay real money to their users.

The basics of the long game are savings and checking accounts.

The accounts of the long game app work the same as savings and checking accounts at different banks.

The checking account does not pay any interest but the savings account pays interest of 0.1%. 

You will earn coins when you will deposit some cash into your savings account.

You can also use debit card purchases which will be rounded up to the next dollar and automatically deposit to your excess savings.

In this way, you will earn coins every time you make a purchase using a debit card.

You can enter sweepstakes by redeeming coins and playing games from the long game app.

You can win cash prizes by doing well in different games. Some games cost hundreds and thousands of dollars as a cash prize.

You will get money directly in your account after winning the game.

Some savings accounts offer more than an interest rate of the Long game as 0.1% APY. 

The long game counts in Best Game Apps to Make Money.



This game is available for Android and iPhone users only. You can earn a different amount of money from this app each day.

After playing 2 games for free you have to pay 0.50$ each time you will play a game. You can receive payment in cash.

Givling is a trivia app that offers cash rewards and helps others with student debt repay their loans.

You can earn money from Givling in two ways.

The first way to earn money from Givling is by playing games. You can only lay two games per day.

You will play the game in the form of a three-player team and till the end of the round, you have to answer some trivia questions.

YOu will earn points by giving the right answer to each question.

If your team has the highest points at the end of the specific time the reward will be divided equally between all the team members.

The other way to earn money from Givling is playing daily games through which you will earn points. During the game, you will see different advertisements.

From the second way you can earn money by playing games every day, and you will earn this money as a queue point.

This game works as a crowdfunding queue and rewards people with student loan debt. You’ll see advertisements when you play Givling’s games.

From these advertisements, the company gets some revenue and this revenue is used to pay large parts of players’ student debts.

You can also earn queue points by completing sponsor offers.

By earning more queue points, you’ll move up to the queue level to get up to $50,000 of the student debt paid based on the number of queue points.

The company has paid almost $7 million of people’s loan debt so far.

Givling doesn’t offer guaranteed payouts, making it more like the sweepstakes or lottery, but it’s fun to play trivia games for free and it gives you a good chance to win prizes.

This game has already given thousands of dollars to their players.

They do this by sharing some amount of advertising revenue to their winner.

You don’t have to play games to win and no app purchases.

The thing you need to do is simply download and install the Brain Battle app.

Then you have to collect tickets by playing any of the games from Brain Battle. You will get your earrings via your PayPal account.

You can download Brain Battle from the play store of android and the app store of iPhone.


Brain Battle.

This game has already given thousands of dollars to their players.

They do this by sharing some amount of advertising revenue to their winner.

You don’t have to play games to win and no app purchases. The thing you need to do is simply download and install the Brain Battle app.

Then you have to collect tickets by playing any of the games from Brain Battle. You will get your earrings via your PayPal account.

You can download Brain Battle from the play store of android and the app store of iPhone.



Big Time Cash.

Big Time Cash has almost something for everybody because it has 600 plus games.

You will collect tickets each time you play a game. Then you have to use and enter frequent cash prize drawings.

You will have more chances of winning by adding more tickets. You will not find in-app upgrades or purchases.

You will get everything for free and you don’t have to pay any kind of charges for drawings.

As we know the app uses a part of its advertising funds as a prize so you will get a high amount of prize if more people will join.

It will prove to be one of the best games to make real money for you.

You can get or download the Big Time Cash app from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.




From Pogo you will get both paid and free game options. You will have different options from card favorites to arcade games.

From the pogo app, you will get both paid and free game options.

You will have many options to choose from, from card favorites to arcade games.

A free version is also available that allows you to play different games to earn points and enter drawings.

Using the paid version you can get additional games and enter into tournaments.



Blast is one of the best money earning games. From the Blast app, you can earn, save and win cash by playing games.

To get starting on this app you have to connect your checking account with this app.

Different amounts of money you will earn from this app by completing different missions and playing games.

Let’s take an example: you can earn 5 cents for coin collection,  25 cents for connecting candy, and 1$ after passing a difficult level.

You will earn experience points after completing a mission.

By earning more points you can jump up to the leaderboard to win one of the top three prizes.

The prize for the first-place win is 1000$, 50$ for second place and 25$ for third place. 



Ending Lines

If you have spare time to play games and fun then you can also make some money as well by playing games.

May you did not believe it, but there are some authentic and legit games out there through which you can earn some money by playing games and having fun.

We have provided a list of the best game apps to make money fast in the above article.

So, if you are looking for authentic and best online games to win money then you should have a look at them.

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