29 Best Apps To Make Money Fast In 2023

Nowadays you can easily access social media, the internet, bill pay apps, banking apps, travel apps, videos, music, and much more on your mobile phone.

In the same ways, some best apps to make money fast online are also available through which you can earn some in your spare time.

If you have a smartphone you can easily earn money from money-making apps such as Swagbucks.

Some cashback and money-saving apps and websites are out there.

These platforms help you to save your money while shopping and some platforms invest your money and in return you get profit. 


Best Apps to Make Money Fast without investment

From survey sites you can earn money by watching ads, taking different surveys, and reviewing new products.

It all depends on your interest.

The new companies and brands required reviews and opinions on their brand products to check the quality and reliability of their products.

Some of the best apps to make money fast are given below:


  1. Swagbucks
  2. InboxDollars
  3. Branded Surveys
  4. MyPoints
  5. Earny
  6. Capital One Shopping
  7. Fiverr
  8. Upwork
  9. Field Agent
  10. Robinhood
  11. Public
  12. E*Trade
  13. GigWalk
  14. Decluttr
  15. Snap Wire
  16. Bookscouter
  17. Rakuten
  18. Opinion Outpost
  19. Fetch Rewards
  20. Ibotta
  21. Checkout51
  22. CheckPoints
  23. Foap
  24. Offer Up
  25. Mindswarms
  26. Ebates
  27. Dosh
  28. Acorns
  29. HealthyWage



Swagbucks is one of the trusted and best apps to make real money.

Because it has more than 20 million users. This site contains a great number of surveys. A good quantity of surveys is also added each day at Swagbucks.

You will also get opportunities to test new products of different brands, try free samples, redeem promo codes, and printed coupons.

Some surveys pay the amount of 59$.

You can earn almost 1.50$ in just only 5 minutes by taking a general survey.

You can easily earn up to 100$ from Swagbucks if you are a motivated and hardworking person.

These surveys take different periods, as some surveys only take an hour and some surveys take almost a complete day.

You will get your payment in a week via cash payment. Moreover, you can also get your earning as a gift card to big brands like Amazon Walmart and Starbucks.




InboxDollars has been operating since 2000.

It has paid money of more than 60 million to its 15,000 plus members or users. InboxDollars pay money after completing a survey.

You don’t have to pay any kind of charges to enroll as an InboxDollars member.

After completing the enrollment you will get 5$ in your account.

You can also take part in focus groups and review some new products.

The payment methods of InboxDollars are PayPal transfer, cash payment, and gift cards.

You can get your payment through your PayPal account or as a gift card.

You can withdraw your payment on Wednesday every week. You can earn almost 5$ in a day.

You can also get some additional rewards during shopping such as discounts, coupon codes, and free samples. Opinion Outpost is not an app but you use it on your android phone and tablet easily.

It has almost 350,000 members. More than three million new surveys are added each month.

If you want to join this platform you must be a U.S resident and then you have to give your email address. It’s free to join this platform.

The surveys are sent to the members via email according to their profile.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes. This platform gives you 50 points for each review you share.



Branded Surveys.

This platform is a community of market researchers.

You will get your earning in the form of gift cards that you will earn after giving your opinions. After creating an account you have to provide some of your personal information.

After getting your information they will offer surveys according to your demographics. 

When you will start taking surveys, you will get points.

After reaching the milestone of 1000 points you can get paid through your PayPal account.

You can either get paid via PayPal or you can use it as a gift card to the top brands such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay.




The members of My Points can earn almost 40% cashback on their purchases from popular brands. The members who complete their daily target can earn some extra points.

You can earn 200 points shopping for consecutive 21 days and 10 points for shopping 5 days consistently. After joining this platform you will get 10$ in your account as a gift card. Swagbucks and MyPoints are connected.

That’s why from either site you can redeem points.




While shopping online via earny you can get a cashback of 20%.

You will find more than 5000 partner brands of earny.

You will find the brands such as Groupon, Walgreen, Best Buy, and StubHub. You will not only get the cashback from this platform but you will also get the thighs with the lowest prices.

Earny users will get additional price protection.

After dropping the price you will get cashback.

This means that you will never miss any offer or deal. You will also earn almost 15$ from Amazon due to the inconvenience of late delivery.

If at that moment you don’t want to buy the product, simply add it to your watchlist and you will get notified after the price is cut down.



Capital One Shopping.

From Capital One you buy products at cheaper rates because Capital One offers vouchers and coupon codes to their users for ease of shopping.

You will see the lowest prices of different items as compared to the competitors from the universal product search.

Price drops are also available when waiting for a big-ticket item to go on sale.

The platform is part of Capital One’s shopping division and gives you cashback on purchases, such as 11% back when you purchase three months of Rosetta Stone, 6% cashback and 20% savings at Office Depot on office mask products, and 30% off and 8% cashback at JCPenney.




Fiverr is one of the popular platforms for making money.

People having money-making skills like graphics designing, web programming, audio, video, music, and digital marketing can earn handsome amounts of money from Fiverr.

If you have such skills or any one of them then simply you have to create your profile on Fiverr.com and you have to show your work with pricing details.

After this when a person or company will look for services and search from the Fiverr your gig will also appear. If they will like your profile and work they will contact you and purchase your Gig.

The buyers pay directly to the Fiverr by purchasing your gig.

Your payment is sent to the pending payments and you can withdraw your payment after the time 14 days. You can easily withdraw your payment directly into your account.

The buyers of your gig can also leave reviews for your services.

This will help future buyers to get a sense of your work. Like the products, gigs also work the same which means that the more positive reviews you will get, the more orders you will get.

TaskRabbit is one of the best platforms for people having enough skills to help other people at the time they need it. On this platform, you have to showcase yourself as a skilled and handy person.

Your earnings depend upon different tasks you perform for different people. You will see more than 50 categories and their average rates that you can earn. You will get 100% of your payment with a tip.

You can also use the TaskRabbit payment system and invoice.

To join TaskRabbit you have to create your profile after signing up.

After that, you have to pay some registration fees. Then you have to schedule the time when you want to accept the job.




Upwork is also a platform where people hire skilled persons according to their work requirements.

On this platform, you will find every kind of job you want to do.

People and companies looking for short-term work and freelancers post the job related to their work.

From Upwork, you can search for a job according to your skills but before that, you have to create your profile on Upwork.

After searching for the work you like you have to send a proposal to the client you are interested to work with and then he will review your profile and accept or reject your proposal.

You can learn and earn a handsome amount of money from Upwork by communicating with clients about the project, tracking hours, setting deadlines, receiving and sending work files, and receiving payments from clients.

Upwork charges 5% of your total earning above 10,000 $, 10% above 500$ and 20$ for the 500$.



Field Agent.

First, you need a mobile phone if you are interested in working with a Field Agent. On this platform, you will work as a mystery shopper. After that, you have to do market research and audit of stores near you.

So, if you want to work with Field Agent then download and install the app of Field Agent.

After creating an account you will get training about the Field Agent platform then your work will go your way.

You have to select a specific area in which you can travel easily without any inconvenience.

The work will be like you have to shop something from a store and report on the customer service, taking in-store surveys and searching UPC labels on merchandise. In an hour, you can make money between 3$ to 15$ easily.

You can get your earnings directly via cash out.




Robinhood is an investment-based company.

You have to trade shares of different companies. You can start investing just from the 1$ by purchasing shares of a company.

You will have a chance to learn about the financial markets, how they work and how to make money from them.

You will earn real-time money. From Robinhood, you can invest in above 5,000 stocks of the US Exchange.

You can also invest in more than 250 Global stocks and cryptocurrencies.




The public is an investment and the real fastest money-making app where you can start stock trading starting from just 5$.

You can build your portfolio on Public by getting the entire share or fractional share of a company.

Moreover, you can invest in funds and you don’t have to pay any commission fee or charges.

This platform has a social stock market. The concept of social in this field is quite a unique experience.

A community of traders can give their suggestions, recent news, and reasons for avoiding or selecting a specific stock of the market.

Such platforms help to connect with people of different ages having a lot of experience in this field and you will learn from their trading experience. 




This trading platform gives you a complete range of investments and doesn’t charge any commission. This platform helps you to track different market places, research investments, and polish your skills.

E*Trade App is very easy to use and connect on the go. Furthermore, you can invest in mutual funds and stocks, manage cash, pay bills.




This app is developed for people who want to earn some amount of money part-time but you can also work full time on GigWalk.

This app contains built-in features of a map.

By using this feature you can find gigs near you.

These gigs include the tasks such as running basic errands, putting furniture together, and walking dogs. You will be paid according to the frequency of gigs where you live.




This app helps you to sell some common items lying around in your house.

It,s main focus is games, CD,s and DVDs.

You have to take a picture of the item with the help of the Decluttr app and you will get the offering price of the item instantly.

Then you just have to ship the item to Decluttr and the next day you will get your money.



Snap Wire.

This app helps you to make money from your mobile phone pictures.

You will get points from Snap Wire and it will allow you to sell your photos to different businesses.

By using this you can make your portfolio and share your photos with someone you want to show.

You will get notifications of requests to complete.




You can find the retail price of used textbooks and books.

The thing you have to do is to take a picture of the book with your mobile phone camera and you will get the price online.

Moreover, while sending books to Bookscouter you can also make shipping labels.

If you want to declutter your books or cash in your used books then this app will be good for you.

This app will help to shop books from thrift stores and garage sales.




If you want to earn cashback while shopping then Rakuten is the best cashback site.

When you shop from your favorite brand or online store through Rakuten you will get cashback and you will get this via check.

That’s why it is quite interesting to use Rakuten.

Many people receive cashback from Rakuten while shopping. Rakuten is one of the best apps to make quick money.



Opinion Outpost.

From Opinion Outpost, you can earn points and after earning these points you can convert them into money. To receive the money you can use your PayPal account.

Its threshold is 100 points which is not quite big. The price of 100 points is 10 dollars.

You will earn points by taking surveys.

But one drawback of Opinion Outpost is that you have to qualify for the surveys which are not easy.

That’s why you have to check for the surveys daily, find new surveys and apply for a suitable survey.



Fetch Rewards.

If you want to earn money from your smartphone then you will love and like this app because you can earn points from Fetch rewards easily and add them to your account.

To earn points you have to upload the receipt of the store you visited recently and just scan it.

In return for the receipt, you uploaded you will earn some amount of points.

After earning points you can redeem these points as gift cards from some of the popular online shopping sites such as Amazon.




It is an amazing app to earn money. You can earn money from this app from groceries.

Before going shopping with the Ibotta app you can unlock cash rewards on different products by completing simple tasks on the Ibotta app.

Then after purchasing the products from the store you have to upload the receipt to get cashback. 




This app works the same as Ibotta.

You can earn cashback while shopping from your favorite brands and online stores just by uploading the receipt.




From checkpoints, you can earn money as a gift card. You will earn gift cards after watching different videos, taking quizzes, and online shopping.

After completing each of your assignments you will get points and you can convert these points into gift cards.

You can use these gift cards on some of the top online shopping brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. 




This app is great for photographers and people who like to take photos.

You have to take some interesting photos from the camera of your mobile phone.

You will get paid by uploading these pictures to the Foap app.

When someone purchases these photos from a Foap app you will get money.



Offer Up.

Offer up would be a great platform if you want to sell some old items of your town.

So, now what you have to do is upload the picture of the item you want to sell.

Then if someone is interested to buy this item he will contact you. Then you can fix the price for this item.




From this app, you can earn money by taking live surveys. So, if you like to take live surveys then you should try this app.

You can earn almost 20$ to 50$ from Mindswarms by answering 1 to 7 simple questions about different products.




Ebates is one the best online earning and money-making apps.

Because you will earn cashback for everything you will buy from an online store via this app.

These online shopping brands and stores give commission to Ebates.

Then Ebates divides this commission between their users.

In this way both you and Ebates earn money. People earn hundreds of dollars through the Ebates app.

You can also earn money by referring it to your friends.




Dosh is a cashback app that you would love. You can earn passive income from the Dosh app.

To earn money from the Dosh app you have to link your debit/credit card and you will earn cash back automatically from national and local merchants while shopping, traveling, eating, and much more.




If you want to start micro-investment then you should choose the Acorns app.

This round figure to the nearest dollar of your purchase and invest the difference or extra money on behalf of you.

Let’s take an example if you purchase tea at the price of 1.75$ this app will round figures your price to 2$ and an extra 0.25$ will be invested automatically on your behalf.

There are not any charges to withdraw money.




From the HealthyWage app, you can earn an amount of almost 10,000$.

The HealthyWage app is also supported by the Government to lose people’s weight.

To start, check the HealthyWage calculator.

Then enter the weight you want to reduce, the time to reduce weight, and how much you want to bet in a specific period.



Ending Lines

It was the best apps to make money fast in all countries like the United States, UK, Pakistan, India, China.

These applications have different methods to make money.

To earn money from some games or apps you need skills to do work. While on some apps you can earn money by trading stocks.

Except that some apps pay you by taking different types of surveys. You can get rich quick opportunities by following some of the online methods to earn money online.

So, if you are interested in making money in your free time then you can search more about one of these apps to earn money easily.

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