Best Educational YouTube Channels For Preschoolers, Toddlers And Kids

Every single day, we usually try to minimize our kid’s screen time as much as possible.

But educational videos in the best educational YouTube channels for preschoolers can be very beneficial learning tools.

Instead of switching on the television and letting our kids watch whatever cartoon is on, mostly you prefer to choose specific YouTube videos that we feel will enhance their wisdom.

Here are some ultimate choices for the Top educational YouTube channels for preschoolers and toddlers.

I too had the opportunity to evaluate awesome channels.

These are some of the best YouTube channels given as:


  • Brain Candy Tv
  • Preschool Prep
  • Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs- Little Baby Bum
  • Toddler Fun Learning
  • Blippi
  • Nursery Rhymes And Kids Songs- Oh My Genius (YouTube channel)
  • Smithsonian Channel
  • The Brain Scoop
  • Houston Zoo


Best Educational YouTube Channels for Preschooler Kids + Toddlers


Brain Candy TV educates letters, numbers, colors, and further with the help of monster trucks, trains, and a cute dog named Lizzy. This is my central son’s absolute favorite, and you can similarly stream in on Amazon Prime TV.



Preschool Prep is known for its big workbooks and DVDs but did you remember that they similarly had a YouTube channel! Not just do they cover essential letters and numbers but they similarly have a big sight word and phonics series to assist fast readers.



Little Baby Bum is a fun mix of particular and recent nursery rhymes to assist expand and strengthen social skills, memory skills, and terminology. And they add new videos weekly so there is always something fresh and fun to watch.


Toddler Fun Learning will have your preschooler singing along and remembering so much fun they won’t even understand their learning Gecko’s Garage and Gecko’s Real Vehicles are choices in our house.



Blippi is possibly one of the greatest characters in preschool learning, and for a satisfactory reason. On top of knowing the basics, Blippi borrows fun field outings to spots like the amusement parks, grocery store, and children’s museums to assist teach your preschooler about the public around them.


Oh, My Genius is wide of original nursery rhymes and poems to assist educate little ones to learn colors, shapes numbers, and letters. So what are the educational YouTube channels for preschoolers that your loved ones admire? Tell me your choices in the comments below.



If you are not from Washington Dc and even near to this then you definitely will don’t have access to the Smithsonian museum of natural history that is one of the best educational institutes. You don’t need to worry about it if you are not living around it because you can access them via their YouTube channel. From their YouTube channel, your children can learn about the monkeys, hammerhead sharks, the 9/11 incident, and World War 2. 



The Brain scoop YouTube channel is created by Chicago’s field museum. They engage kids through educational topics like The Human Biology collections and Why did king Have a flat head. It would be an interesting channel for your toddlers.



Houston Zoo would be a good YouTube channel for your child if your child is interested in animals. Via YouTube children and adults can access very high-level educational institutes that in real life are not easy to access or approach.



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Bottom Lines

There are a lot of educational institutes for preschoolers out there but sometimes you are unable to approach or access them.

But YouTube provides you access to some best educational YouTube channels for preschoolers.

In the above article, we have discussed such YouTube channels that would be best for your child.

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