How to Increase Internet Speed – Proven Techniques

Here we will have a look at the different ways how to increase your internet speed.

First of all, you have to check your internet speed.

After that, you have to analyze whether you are getting the same speed as you have paid for it.

There are many tools available to check internet speed.

We can see a lot of companies around us which advertise and state that they will provide you such an amazing service which will increase your internet speed but when you get an internet connection from their company you get very low speed not as they were advertising.

So for this, it will be better to contact your internet service provider of your area and ask him how much and maximum internet speed you can get.

  1. Scan your system for viruses
  2. Check your System interference
  3. Change Modem
  4. Applying Filters
  5. Don’t use Wireless Phone
  6. Check Electromagnetic Interference
  7. Directly plug-in your modem
  8. Check TV Boxes
  9. Solve Cable Problems
  10. Refresh or Restart Modem
  11. Updating Software
  12. Change Setting of Router
  13. Contact your ISP

How to Increase Internet Speed Quickly


  1.   Scan your system for viruses

System virus can also cause to slow down the speed of the internet.

Viruses remain in your system and when you do anything they try to take it away from you and your internet speed goes down. So try to remove viruses from your system.




  1. Check your System interference

Some other programs on your system like scanner or antivirus can interfere and affect your internet speed.

The solution to this problem is that turn off each program and check which program is interfering with internet speed. You should have a good antivirus in your system.



  1. Change Modem

How to increase internet speed and get rid of slow internet speed.

One of the reasons could be that you have a Wi-Fi modem of bad quality.

Sometimes you think that it is all because of the internet service provider but when you get to change your modem internet starts working as usual.

Most of the time modem does not match your internet plan which causes you to slow down your internet speed.

So you have to make sure that your modem is compatible with your internet.





  1. Applying Filters

If your internet connection is on a phone line and the phone is also connected to it then you must have installed some good quality filters on your system.

These filters are small plugs that filter disturbance when you attach them with the phone line.



  1. Don’t use Wireless Phone

May some people disagree with this point but it is true that wireless phones interfere with your internet even after filters are applied.

you can also replace your phones with other phones to see if there is some improvement in your internet speed.





  1. Check Electromagnetic Interference

It is normal for everyone to have an iPhone, iPad, and any kind of electronic device in your area of work.

If you really have then you must have to see whether they are causing any interference due to electromagnet.

You can move the sound system around in different directions or move things outside your working area.





  1. Directly plug-in your modem

It is good if you have a wifi connection but it will be better if you have a modem and directly plug-in the modem.

Moreover, if you have a desktop computer and don’t move your system often then it would be better for you to plug-in the modem.



  1. Check TV Boxes


If you have Foxtel boxes at your home and even you are not using them they can cause some kind of interference.

So if you have Foxtel boxes then you need to check the boxes if they are causing any kind of interference due to electromagnet.

Simply move Foxtel boxes outside the working place.





  1.  Solve Cable Problems

Sometimes the complex structure of internet cables can harm internet speed.

So for this, you can replace your old connections and wires with new ones and try to keep the length of the wire shorter. This thing really matters and make difference.





  1. Refresh or Restart Modem

Sometimes you need to refresh your internet.

So for this turn off your modem for a while and then turn on the modem.

This term is known as power cycling and this can remove a number of problems that affect the speed of the internet.

You can also reset the password of your modem to refresh the settings and connections.





  1. Updating Software

The modem has software install in it which you need to update after some time or regularly.

To update your modem software you have to follow the instructions of your modems company.

For this, you have to log in to the website of the modems company.

For the compatibility of the software update, you have to update your operating system and desktop version as well.





  1. Change Setting of Router

After login to your modem, it will display settings related to your network channel and much more.

Maybe in your settings, you need to select the best options and these setting options vary according to the different types of devices.

These settings will be given on the website of your internet service provider.



  1. Contact your ISP

If anyone of these methods does not work then finally you have to make contact with your internet service provider and the modem company for help.

The company will send a worker to check your internet connection line.

Definitely, you have to charge some extra fee for this.

With the arrival of 5G technology, we will definitely see a spike in the speed of the internet.




Bottom Lines

A  fast and reliable internet connection is very necessary if you have any kind of online business but how to increase internet speed.

Some of the tried and tested methods are given in the above lines to increase the speed of the internet.

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