How to Make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

Almost all android devices have the same method of how to make your phone vibrate continuously.

But you have to select the most comfortable and easy method according to the specific functions available on your android phone.

Here we will explain several methods to make your phone vibrate continuously.


How to Make a Samsung Phone Vibrate

How to Make a Samsung Phone Vibrate

You can find a number of easy and reliable methods to enable vibrate mode. Here is the process.


Enable Vibrate Mode from Notification Panel

  1. First, you have to swipe down on the top of the home screen and it will display the shortcuts of the notification panel.
  2. You will see a sound icon among the shortcuts right after the Wi-Fi icon. If your phone sound is enabled then it,s color will be blue and seems like emitting noise.
  3. Then you have to tap the sound icon and you will see a vibrate mode icon. When you enable the vibrate mode of your phone it will vibrate for a moment to indicate that now it is in vibrating mode.


Enable Vibrate Mode Using Volume Keys

You can also use the volume down key to enable vibration mode. For the Vibrate mode, you have to press the volume down key until you see the Vibrate Mode icon on the soundbar. The complete and step by step and complete method:

  1. First, display the soundbar by pressing the volume down key.
  2. Then display the audio shortcuts menu by swiping down the soundbar.
  3. Now toggle and use the volume keys until off position. Then you can enter the vibrate mode by using the volume keys.



Enable Vibrate Mode from Settings

Here is also a way to enable the vibrate mode of your phone through the back-end settings of your device. Here is the complete step by step method:

  1. Open the notification panel by swiping down on the top of the home screen.
  2. Then navigate to the settings of your phone and move to the Sounds and vibration tab.
  3. Now you have to tap on sound and then vibrate mode.


How to Make an iPhone Vibrate

If your iPhone is on silent mode you can set it to vibrating mode as well. You have to access the back-end setting to set your iPhone to vibrate mode.

The process is given below 

  1. Navigate to the iPhone settings and then to the Sounds & Haptics tab.
  2. Then you have to toggle and vibrate on silent to the on position. This thing makes sure that your iPhone is in Vibrate mode as you have set it to the silent mode with a volume down key.

How to Make an iPhone Vibrate


Vibrate iPhone Using the sounds and vibration patterns Settings

You can customize the vibration type for different functions and apps including, reminder alerts, ringtone, and AirDrop by scrolling down to the Sound and Vibration patterns settings.

Here is the process:

  1. First, you have to tap the feature for which you want to set a vibration.
  2. Then tap on the vibration.
  3. Now you have to select the vibration pattern of your own choice.
  4. Tap custom vibration and then unique beats to create a new vibration.


Creating Custom Vibration Patterns on the iPhone

Creating Custom Vibration Patterns on the iPhone


The process to set or create custom vibration patterns on your iPhone is given as under:

  1. On your, iPhone launch the settings app.
  2. Then tap on the sounds tab.
  3. Then you have to tap on the type of alert for which you want to have a custom vibration. Here you can select Text Tone as an example.
  4. Now tap on vibration.
  5. Then you have to tap on the new vibration.
  6. You can tap on the screen to create the vibration of your choice. You can create a continuous vibration by holding down your finger and it will create a pause when you will lift your finger.
  7. When you are done creating the pattern tap on stop.
  8. If you are satisfied with the vibration which you have created tap to play and feel a vibration in action.
  9. You can also enter a name for this custom vibration.
  10. At the end tap on save.

Your new custom vibration will be set automatically for any type of alert you choose.

By following the above method you can create a custom vibration for every type of alert you have a different and unique pattern of vibration.

You must remember that from the section of vibration option you can create custom vibration for any alert.

After creating custom vibration it will show up under the section of custom vibration and you can reuse them at any time.

You can also see our article about setting ringtone.


Make Your Phone Vibrate Continuously by Using Apps

The app developer has also used the vibrating function of smartphones and developed apps for ease.

There are a good number of vibration apps that allow it,s users to set smartphone vibrations for a long period of time like to help with sleep or a massage for tired muscles.

Some of the apps also include the setting for calming the sounds.

These types of apps are available in Google Play Store and App Store.





  • Massager Vibration App

To adjust the vibration level this app contains a power dial from zero to 100.

You will also get four options which you can toggle.

You can access the relaxing sounds options by swiping to the right.

Then you have to tap the custom user to start the sound and now tap to select the sound you are interested to hear.

You can elaborate on your experience by tapping several sounds at once.


  • Body Massager Vibration App 

This app contains a power bar that can help you to adjust the levels of vibration.

You will get 5 vibration options from there.

Then you have to tap the options and adjust speed.

Then you have to turn on the vibration option of your choice by pressing start.

Similarly, you can press stop to turn off the vibrations.


  • iMassage U Vibrating Massager 

You will get some effortless power settings of starting and stopping vibration from this app.

You will get 5 free patterns to select.

But you have to pay some money for other patterns.


  • iVibe Best Vibrating Massager

In this app, you can simply tap to start and stop vibrations.

You will find two free patterns from this app settings.

Some other options are also available which you can only access through a premium account.


Methods to Adjust the Vibration Intensity of Your Phone

Your phone vibration is set by default when you interact with it in any way or receive a notification.

But if you are not comfortable with vibration intensity then you can easily customize the vibration level of your android.


How to Adjust Vibration Intensity on an Android

How to Adjust Vibration Intensity on an Android

Here is the process to adjust vibration intensity.

  1. From the app, the drawer visits the settings menu of your android or tablet by tapping on the gear icon from the notification panel.
  2. Then scroll down and enter the accessibility menu.
  3. Then scroll down and enter the accessibility menu.
  4. Select vibration and Haptic Haptics from under the “Interaction Controls” and locate them towards the page bottom.
  5. From here you can personalize the haptic feedback strength of your phone separately and what would be the intensity of the vibration when you get a notification or call.
  6. You can either turn it off completely or choose between three intensity levels. Some of the devices like Google Pixel smartphones allow you to customize the intensity on the sliding scale.


How to Adjust Vibration Intensity on a Samsung Galaxy

  • If you have a Samsung headset you will not get this option from the menu of “Accessibility”
  • If you want to access it you have to open your android settings and then navigate to the Sounds and Vibration and then vibration intensity.
  • You can adjust the intensity of incoming calls, notifications, and touch interaction responses by tuning the available sliders.
  • If your phone has Android 10 or above then you should be able to locate the “Vibration Intensity” setting from these methods.
  • The settings of each version of android have different layouts due to which there is a chance that it may be present in another menu if you can’t find the Vibration tab of settings.





Can I make my iPhone vibrate stronger?

It is not possible to make your iPhone vibrate stronger.

But the issue here is that you are unable to notice your vibration when anyone makes a call or you receive notifications.

So, you can solve this issue by creating a custom and more noticeable vibration.

How do I make my phone vibrate on Android?

For this, navigate to the settings of your android phone by tapping the gear icon of the notification panel.

Now enter the “Accessibility” menu by scrolling down.

Then select Vibration and Haptic Haptics located towards the bottom of the page under “interaction controls”.

Is vibration bad for your phone?

Vibration is not good for your phone battery.

Each time you receive a text message or notification the more battery it will be using.

Why does my iPhone vibrate so loud?

You need to have a look at your phone settings and then check which type of settings are enabled. Moreover, also check the patterns of vibration and sounds.

Which phone has the strongest vibration?

According to some researches and experiences, it has been concluding that Blackberry 7250 has the strongest vibration.


Ending Lines

Here we have explained all the possible and best methods to make your phone vibrate continuously.

If you are able to notice your phone vibration when you get a call, text message, or notification then you need to make the vibration of your phone louder or continuous.

Hope after learning these methods you will be able to vibrate your phone continuously and louder.

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