How To Make And Receive Call On Apple Watch

Did you ever think that there would be a day when we would have something on our wrist that we could easily call and hear? It still looks like something made up of science fiction. On the Apple Watch, calls are routed via the iPhone, and if you are curious about how to make and receive call on Apple Watch, then yes you can receive phone calls on the Apple Watch and even make phone calls if you can easily answer a call even if your phone is far away.


how to make call on Apple watch

There are many ways to call Apple Watch. You can also use the phone app, call your favorite way.


Make A Call on Apple Watch Using Siri

You can easily make calls using Siri for this purpose follow the below points to make a call on Apple Watch using Siri.

  1. While wearing your Apple Watch lift your wrist up and say ‘Hey Siri’. For this, you are required to Enable Hey Siri on your Apple Watch to use this Hands-Free feature.
  2. If you have not enabled Hey Siri then you will need to hold the Digital Crown to activate Siri.
  3. Succeeding says Call (Contact Name). For instance, you can say “Call Harry” in case you are attempting to call Harry! Your contact. In case if there is more than one Contact with a similar name, Siri will chart both Contacts and inquire which Contact you like to call.
  4. Select the Contact that you need to call by clicking on the Contact Name on your Apple Watch or by saying Hey Siri Call (Contact name).


Using Favourite List

Your list of beloved Contacts can be effortlessly accessed on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button present next to the Digital Crown. Once you open the favorites list now It is simple to call Contacts from there.


  • Click and hold on Side Button [present near the Digital Crown]
  • Now click on a person’s initials to choose them or use the Digital Crown to move from one Contact to another contact.
  • Once you have chosen a Contact, tap on the phone icon from the underside left corner of your screen to place a phone call to this Contact.


Make a Call on Apple Watch by Using only Phone App

Now you can also make calls on your Apple Watch just by using your phone app in simple ways.


  • Unlock the Phone app on your Apple Watch
  • Similarly, tap on Contacts
  • On the next step, Contacts Tab in the Phone App on Apple Watch will open
  • On the next screen! Click on the Contact that you need to call


How to receive call on apple watch?

You can easily listen to calls on your Apple Watch and even use the built-in microphone and speaker to restore your contacts on your Apple Watch.


Answering a Call: To answer a call on an Apple Watch, press the green button to receive your Apple Watch call.

Sending Voice Mail: If you don’t want to answer someone’s phone call, you can also press the red button and send the call to voicemail.

Mute Call: If you’re in a meeting or doing something very important, and you don’t mute your Apple Watch, you can quickly mute the call by covering the Apple Watch display with the help of your hand in just three seconds. 


Ending Lines

If you are in a crowded place, it is difficult for you to hear the call because it is very difficult, so now you have an Apple Watch and you can easily connect with your loved ones, and you have the answer of how to receive call on apple watch.

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