Screen Sharing on Google Hangouts – A Thorough Process

Google hangouts screen sharing

Now it’s possible for you to share your screen at a time with another person. This can be done by using screen sharing on Google hangout. This can be very helpful for online marketers because they can get exposure for their brand using media options. It is also helpful if you want to share any kind of slides presentation, online video, or want to demonstrate your website. You can share Google docs after arranging and adding pages to your clients.   Screen Sharing on Google Hangouts at Desktop Sign in…

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How to Set Up a Google Hangout Meeting – Connect Online

Google meeting

Are you aware of how to set up a Google hangout meeting? Because of so much work and a busy schedule sometimes it becomes impossible to chat on a phone call or attending in-person meetings. But the solution to this problem is to schedule a meeting on Google hangout. It does not matter whether you want to connect with a single person or a number of people it allows you to meet online through audio and video calls for free If due to any reason you want to engage with…

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