What is the Best Gaming Computer To Buy in 2023

Let’s have a look at what is the best gaming computer to buy.

If you want an excellent gaming experience then you need one of the best gaming PCs.

From such PCs, you can get some good quality graphics and very smooth and long-term battery performance.

If you want to have 1080 and 1440 p you will get all of these qualities from these PC,s. In the other words, they will help you to get the most out of PC games.

You have to suffer through the problems like latency and stuttering while playing games on less efficient systems.

But you will not find any kind of issues or problems in the best and efficient gaming PC, because they contain some good quality processors and graphic cards for gaming.

If you will use any best gaming PC you will feel its performance like a legend of gaming.

Here we will help you find what is the best gaming computer?

Some of the best gaming PCs, at affordable and reasonable prices, whether you are interested in getting a PC with AMD Ryzen 5000 chip and Big Navi inside are available in the market.

We will help you get an ideal PC that fulfills your gaming needs.


What is the Best Gaming PC for Beginners?


Here we have explained some of the best gaming PC,s. Furthermore, their price and specifications comparison is also given below.


Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10

Now it’s not a surprising thing that a great number of PC,s are switching to the cause of Red, steam passing through the markets of CPU AND GPU using a solid campaign of AMD.

One of the Gaming PC’s that you like the most such as the Alienware Aurora gaming PC is also included between them.

But still, it is an affordable Ryzen CPU and available at reasonable prices fitting its R10 model with AMD.

You will not only get gaming strength from these PCs but also you can get them at very reasonable and affordable prices.

This thing makes it one of the best gaming PC,s. With RTX for 8k resolution gaming, you will get an amazing experience.


  1. Reasonable and Affordable Price
  2. Excellent Specifications
  3. Efficient Design


  1. At high configuration still, it has a high price.


Storage: 2TB 7100RPM SATA

RAM: 8GB to 64GB DDR4

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500 to 9 3950X

Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 5600 To NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080


MSI Trident 3 10th

It will be worth considering MSI Trident 3 as your gaming PC if you have some kind of space issue in your room.

It,s size is not much large, instead, it is as small as a normal gaming laptop.

Moreover, if you will compare with some of its competitors with the same hardware then you will find it more affordable. 

With a reasonable price tag, you will get enough specifications for your amazing gaming experience.

If you don’t consider liquid cooling and flashy RGB lighting so important and don’t care about the up-gradation then you should choose this PC as your Gaming PC for an excellent gaming experience at a reasonable cost.


  1. A number of ports
  2. Short Form Factor
  3. Ready for E-sports


  1. User Serviceable is not quite easy
  2. It,s model of entry-level runs off the hard drive


Storage: 1 x 2.5 HDD/SSD + 1 X M.2 SSD

RAM: 64GB FFR4 2666MHz

CPU: Intel CORE I7-1070010th Generation

Graphics: RTX 2060 Super, MSI GeForce


HP Omen Obelisk

According to most of the gamer’s interests and needs the HP Omen Obelisk rectangular shape Gaming PC is always on the top of the priority list.

You will only get such a type of gaming PC,s if you have a good amount of money in your purse.

Due to this the guys having lower amounts of money have to restrict themselves at some medium-level settings for gaming.

These PCs, having low gaming settings can,t give you firepower as any high setting gaming PC.

Such types of buyers are just only one or two upgrades far away from one of the best gaming experiences.

Due to the tool-less design and high upgradability.

May you have seen some high price PCs, with exact and same specifications.

It will be interesting and worthy for you to buy an HP PC if you have to purchase a gaming PC at a reasonable price.


  1. Upgradeable 
  2. Tool-Less Design
  3. Powerful


  1. Hardly future proof Base Model


Storage: 6TB HDD, 1TB SSD – 1TB HDD


CPU: Intel Core 15-8400 to i5 9600k

Graphics: RTX 2080Ti – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti


CyberPowerPC Gamer Extreme VR

The people who want to spend money under 1000$ without losing so many great specifications will definitely like to buy CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme.

It contains a graphic card of Nvidia GTX 1660 and a processor of Core i5.

This gaming PC has the ability to run mainstream games with height set up.

Moreover, it can handle VR games easily without any hurdle.

More than that you can open this PC in an easy way.

The gamers who want to upgrade to some powerful settings and parts will be a good starting point for them.

For a long period of time, CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Vr has remained one of the most like online retailers.

Except it,s excellent and strong performance and power, this PC also has an amazing and stunning design as well and it has RGB lighting in the case and on the fans.

From the right out of the box, there will be a mouse and CyberPower keyboard.

So, you can spend a short time getting accessories and spend more time with your online friends.


  1. Easily Upgradable
  2. Accessories Included
  3. Excellent Performance


  1. Not Well Design


Storage: 1TB


Processor: Intel Core i5 and 8400

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTx 1660


What is the best gaming computer to buy?


MSI MEG Trident X

One of the most interesting things to be not about the MSI MEG Trident X is that it looks stunning.

It has an angular shape and small size due to which you can place it at any gaming corner easily and it would be great for setting up your living room.

Another interesting thing is that you can experience games in HD, UHD, or QHD settings and it runs favorite games in a smooth way.

You will have a great choice to select such as GPU and RAM options so that you can customize the PC according to your own will and gaming needs.

But the thing you should remember is that the cost will be high even if it does not matter how you are going to customize and design your PC.

Moreover, accessories like MSI Vigor GK30 Keyboard and MSI Clutch GM11 mouse do not perform well at their worst and perform average at their best.

Whatever, in the end, MEG Trident X is one of the amazing and stunning PC, s in the market at present times.


  1. Attractive Design
  2. Soundless Cooling
  3. Strong Performance


  1. Insufficient Accessories 
  2. Costly


Storage: 1TB HDD + 1TB SSD


Processor: Core i9 to 10900k and 3.7 to 5.3

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti


Corsair One Pro i200

Without any discussion, if you need a reliable and efficient machine for your work and games Corsair would be an excellent choice for you.

This amazing PC contains an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU and Intel Core i9-10940X CPU. This PC can run new games in high-level settings and stirring up a great amount of graphic design.

Maybe the chassis of the Corsair One Pro i200 will be one of the main selling points of this PC.

Just like a pre-built gaming desktop PC, it has a small size of 15 x 8 x 7 with a light weight of only 23 pounds.

Moreover, this machine is absolutely adorable with two LED lights which are programmable and elegant colors.

If you can afford this PC it will serve you in a better way whether you want to have fun or want to do some work.


  1. Strong Hardware
  2. Run Smoothly
  3. Excellent Design


  1. Expensive
  2. GPU is Outdated


Dell G5 Gaming Desktop 5090

If you want to buy a solid entry gaming PC there is not any better choice other than Dell 5G gaming Desktop 5090.

It’s easy to upgrade and you can afford it easily. It has a graphic card of Nvidia GTX 1650 and processor of Core i3 but it can be outfitted to RTX 2080 GPU and Core i7 if you want to play some intensive games.

The point of selling that Dell G5 Gaming desktop 5090 has is chassis and sleek that you can open in an easy way. To play games like AAA at 1080p Del G5 is more reliable as compared to other gaming PCs.

Most of the time, the Dell G5 Gaming desktop is free of bloatware.

If you want to buy an efficient PC at an affordable price that you can also make powerful in the future then you should choose this PC.

After using this PC you will definitely know what is the best gaming computer.


  1. Affordable Price
  2. Excellent Performance
  3. Quality Chassis


  1. Not Compatible with QHD Gaming
  2. Not Good for Pre Installed Softwares


Storage: 2TB hard drive and 1TB SSD


Processor: Intel Corei7 9700, 9th Generation

Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 2080


How do I Choose the Best Gaming Computer?


Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

The startup of Intel Ghost Canyon NUC was very simple and undistinguished.

Because there was no storage or RAM in its first version but the recent version of Intel Ghost Canyon NUC has both of them.

Now it not only has many specifications but you can also configure it personally according to your preferences before you purchase it.

It has a memory of 64GB, dual storage 4TB, and a processor of 9th generation Intel Core chips.

The downside of Intel Ghost Canyon NUC is the high price tag.

But still, you can get this gaming PC in a lower configuration.

If we keep in view price and configuration then you may like to avoid high configuration Intel Ghost Canyon NUC PC.


  1. Easily Upgradeable 
  2. High Performance
  3. Only Affordable Lower Configuration


  1. Expensive with higher configuration


Storage: 2TB + I28GB SSD – 2TB

RAM: 8GB  and 64GB DDR4

Graphics: Intel UHD 630

Processor: Intel Core i5-i9, 9th generation 


Corsair Vengeance i4200

No other device can pass over Corsair vengeance i4200 having top-tier specifications with LED lighting controls.

More, Than that, the slower configuration is also very reliable.

You can get this amazing gaming PC with a price tag of 2000$.

You can also increase it,s specifications to a magnificent level with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and Core i7, 10700K and memory of up to 32GB.

It will be one of the best gaming PC for any hardcore gaming person.

If you feel the storage is not enough for then you can also add some extra bit of SSD.


  1. Excellent Performance
  2. Creative and wonderful Design


  1. Less Storage Capacity
  2. High Price Tag


Storage: 2TB HDD + 480GB NVMe SSD – 960GB NVMe SSD

RAM: 32GB DDR4-3200 – 16GB

CPU: Intel Core i7 10700kf – AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Graphics: 2080 Super – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super


Corsair One a100

You cannot underestimate Corsair a 100 due to its smaller size. Because it is a powerful and strong PC.

In it,s tiny chassis it contains an Nvidia RTX 2080 and legendary AMD Ryzen 9 3950X.

Due to it,s fancy RGB the chassis would not appear in the background.

With it, a lot of storage, and 32GB of memory it is one of the great assets for professional creatives.

Because they are the only guys that can afford such a high price tag.

If you have a great amount of money to spend on gaming then you can buy this PC as it runs the games in an efficient way and has a wonderful look as well.


  1. Magnificent Look
  2. Very Strong and Powerful
  3. Liquid Cooling


  1. Very High Price Tag
  2. Too hard to service


Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD +2TB HDD – 500GB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD

RAM: 32GB DDR4 to 3200

Graphics: RTX 2080 Super to 2080 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce RTX

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X


Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10

Into the aurora series, Alienware Aurora Ryzen is a Ryzen build entry and as compared to the usual Intel processors it supports third-generation AMD Ryzen processors.

The previous model has almost closed the difference between years, months, and present.

So, now if you see Alienware PC range offering this kind of system then it would not be surprising. 

Although you can customize Aurora R 10 completely that means whether you are a veteran wanting an ultimate build PC or a console gamer wanting to break into PC gaming.

The brand name of Alienware always comes with the premium price that most of the Alienware products contain but if you want premium quality with the name then you should select the spaceship-inspired R10 design.

The disadvantage is that it can sound loud like the engine of a spaceship that is going to take off.

Accessing it,s inner components are not quite easy but due to the PSU cage placement, you can do this easily. 


  • Have Useful Command Center
  • You can easily run any game 60fps
  • Components Customization before Purchase
  • Easy side panels take off


  • Intensive Sound
  • Not Easy to Access Motherboard


CLX Set Gaming

The CLX set gaming will give you dedicated hardware for ray tracing and good QHD performance. With an amazing glass panel, smooth package, and RGB lighting CLX set gaming is a great deal to get.

The CLX set gaming has a market competitive price with a number of CPUs for multitasking and gaming, Geforce RTX 2070, Nvidia,s mid-20-series card containing hardware to support DLSS and ray tracing.

As 2070 is located in the center of RTX that means 2070 can handle the current pool of games easily which has ray tracing on solid frame rates of 1440p.

A high-speed SSD is also contained by CLX set gaming that can be used as a boot drive and you can save the HDD of 1 TB for storage and games.

A PC having such specifications at a reasonable price is not easy to find. That’s why the CLX set gaming would be a great choice.


  • Temper Glass Design
  • Excellent Performance
  • Under 1300$ Ray Tracing


  • Two DIMMs


Accessories To Build a Gaming PC

Only internal components are not enough to build a perfect gaming PC.

After building an excellent gaming PC some extra accessories can give you a great gaming experience.

We recommend you some good quality monitors for your machine to get a quick response.

Moreover, you can also buy some good-quality headsets to talk with your partner or friend during the game.

If you will have a high-level monitor it will be able to absorb the excess frame rates for a smooth gaming experience.


Playing VR Reality on Your PC

Now you can easily set up VR gaming in your home.

Because we know that with the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive headsets now it is possible to play real VR games at home.

But to use these headsets your system needs to fulfill the requirements of the headsets to connect with your PC.


Main Memory and Storage For a Gaming PC

Often while building a gaming PC we overlooked the RAM of the system.

If you want to overcome this fact then you should manage 8GB or 16GB RAM.

Most of the powerful machines have RAM of 32GBAs, the price of solid-state drives gowing it has become more famous specifically in the last two years.

The process of price breakdown accelerated in the year 2020.

The solid-state drive improves the performance of the system by speeding up boot time, wake from sleep time, launching games, and loading a new level.

You can get an SSD of almost 4TB.

If you want to get a large capacity of 8TB, it is expensive and rare.

Other than that, pairing a 4TB SSD with 500GB RAM will be a good and affordable setup for gamers because they have to download different games and videos related to games from YouTube.

Moreover, on the small SSD, you can keep the applications and games you like and you will get the advantage of fast loading and installing your files library on the hard drive.

In a gaming PC or system, the GPU and processor chip known as CPU are the main components.

Both of them perform different tasks like the GPU managing physics calculation and graphics quality and all other tasks are performed by the CPU.

Furthermore, it also manages all the non-graphics calculations. 

There is a strong competition between Intel and AMD related to the CPU front that offers the most power to gamers, the PC.

AMD started this competition in the year 2017 along with it,s Ryzen Threadripper CPUs that can feature 32 cores and with ability to process 64 threads simultaneously.

In reply, Intel comes with the processor’s Core X-series featuring 36 threads and 18 cores. 

But these processors have high prices. Some reduction in the prices was seen in the year 2019 with the arrival of 10th generation Core X-series chips.

These advancements in CPU processors are very exciting and enjoyable, but it is not necessary for you to invest or buy these elite-level processors to get an excellent level of gaming experience.


How much a good gaming PC cost?

A normal gaming PC will averagely cost you between $700 and $1,200. However, if you use to play high-end games, with a 60+ frame rate on max settings, you might need to pay up to $2,000. The actual cost depends on what it is you are looking to get out of your new rig.


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Warping Up

If you are a gaming person and want to buy a reliable gaming PC with good specifications at an affordable price then in the above article we have explained some excellent gaming PCs, and some of them are also affordable and available at reasonable prices.

Moreover, you can also analyze from the above lines what is the best gaming computer for you.

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