Make Money with a Gaming PC (Step-by-Step Guide)

If you are a gaming person then you must be interested to know how to make money with a gaming PC.

It depends on the type of gaming PC you are using, it will cost accordingly.

This cost can vary from $300 to thousands of dollars.

Yet! If you wish to save up for a gaming PC and you are finding out how to make money with a gaming PC, then you are at the perfect place.

Basically, there are various means to earn money from PC.

But specific strategies may relate to you more since you are a gamer. Firstly, do your research work and discover the gaming PC you need.

Then you can read around as and see which one you want to tackle.


Get Paid to Live Stream (for Making Money with a Gaming PC)

Anyone can stream their gameplay ready to see the world in real-time.

The goal is to build a large audience (who can monetize your ads) or an audience that is loyal (to monetize purchases and donations).

The most popular and largest streaming platform is Twitch, but YouTube is also a different option.



Why This is Difficult

Creating an audience for a live stream can take a long time.

You can only have up to 10 viewers for many months, you can’t go beyond that, and it’s possible that you won’t get even 100 viewers for years.

Most people can never get to this point. It takes a lot of hard work.

You just have to be connected to it and to make live video games, you need thousands of regular viewers.

The distress scenario is overcrowded.

When there are so many popular streams for people to watch, the question is why would anyone watch you?

Of course, this is a very difficult part. It would be better to separate yourself from your brand of humor or personality, become a world-class player, or play sports like no one else is doing.


Getting Started

Barriers to entry are relatively small.

All you need is a decent computer, some games that viewers love and they should be very popular.

Make sure that in addition to playing your game, the speed of uploading to the Internet can handle the stream.

For PC gaming, here are some tips to help you get started with StreamLabs OBS, which can be a great start choice.

If you play on a console, you will need an arrest card, which will cost you extra.


Try Your Hand at Games Journalism

To promote your attention and concentration, you need to make a distraction and distraction journal. Do you like yourself as a writer?

Then join an existing site or launch your website and write news, reviews, and interviews for any particular sport, style, or industry.

If in writing for any existing site, you may be paid as a freelancer based on each of your articles.

If you start you can earn money from your traffic through ads, Patron subscriptions, or more. 


How-to-make-money-from-gaming PC-WikiTechGo



Why It’s Difficult

As with most types of journalism, sports journalism is competitive.

A lot of people want to survive by writing about sports.

If you are writing for an existing site, you probably don’t have to do anything when you build a portfolio and test your skills.

If you start your site, it can take many years to build an audience where your life can go smoothly.

Journalism is very deep. To write news, you need to look at all kinds of sources around the clock to get scoops.

It takes a lot of time to conduct reviews and interviews properly.

And in general, writing every day can be very difficult on mental energy.


Getting Started

You will need to find open positions on mid-range gaming sites.

It would be better for you to forget about big gaming sites like IGN for a while, and ignore startups that people are not interested in.

Make sure you have written samples. Submit your request [including written samples] and always hope for the best.

If you don’t already have samples, volunteer for small sites first.

We do not ask you to start your own sports journalism site unless you have a long experience with an affiliate site.

Writing day in and day out can be very difficult for you.

And then managing the site on top of that? This is a new level of effort that can easily end.


Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials

Newcomers are usually interested in reading guides for multiplayer vs. player games.

There are many ways for you to choose from.

It’s up to you, such as creating a website for a writing guide, uploading a video guide to YouTube, or a guide.

The first two are often funded through advertising while the ebook route generates revenue through sales.





Why It’s Difficult

Writing a guide is not difficult for anyone.

You can write any kind of gaming guide to make money with a gaming PC. You can make guides for popular games but the more popular the game, the more you will compete in it.

If you want your guides to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to do more research and work harder than others, such as spending a ton of time and setting yourself up as an expert.

On top of that, you need to have strong writing skills.

Guidelines should be dense and concise, but also entertaining and easy for people to understand. Formatting skills are essential, whether you publish ebooks or write for the web.

For example, Game Questions has a “bounty program” that pays you to be the first person to write a comprehensive walkthrough for a topic.

Most of these guides pay a minimum of $ 200, which is a very good offer.

But when you reduce that time, you have to spend on mastering the game and explaining every little aspect of it, you can earn even a minimum wage per hour.


Getting Started

You have to find a popular game, first find out what makes it difficult for the players, learn about the problem, and learn how to overcome it before others learn it yourself.

In the large-scale online multiplayer role-playing games Gold Guides, level-up raids, and guidebooks are available.

For PVP games like Overwatch or Valerant, take the Build Guides and Mechanics Guides.

And for single-player games, you’ll be more focused on topics like getting a special achievement.


Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel

You will need to create daily opinion roundtable discussions, interviews with high-profile players, tips and tricks for a particular sport, or anything else.

Podcasts and YouTube videos can also be monetized by advertising and sponsorship, but this form can also be supported with a Patron subscription.





Why is it difficult?

You need to pay attention to the number of listeners before you can get any revenue.

Your show should be interesting.

If it’s boring, shallow, low production quality, or doesn’t match, your show can never be a success.

In addition to the creator’s knowledge and insight, you always need a diligent and engaging streamer with a guide.

The content of the podcast should not be as deep as a guide, your personality should not be as different as a streamer.

For example, you can create a channel for gaming news for a single genre.


Getting Started

We’ve told you how to start your podcast and start your own YouTube channel.

And these are great resources for starting podcasts and channels


Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships

The tournament is nothing special for PvP games. Of course, the more popular the game, the bigger the prize.

If you think you have enough skills to join an esports organization, you can earn a good salary by winning and sponsoring.

Most competitors also benefit from the live stream to Make Money with a Gaming PC .





Why is it difficult?

Not everyone has what it takes to win.

You can also become a world-class player, yet knock on the start of the tournament and leave with a win of zero.

Even if you win some cash, it doesn’t cover the cost of hotels and flights. If you are permanently at the bottom, you can stay away from winning.

Furthermore, if the import industry is still relatively young. If you get a position in a reputable team, your “salary” may be less than your minimum wage.

The industry is full of artists and thieves from all over the world. Stories are not told about players who are promised.


Getting Started

Find a popular PVP game with lots of e-Sport organization tournaments and great interest.

You have to practice, practice, and practice a lot.

As you get better, network with other professional gamers so that your name becomes public and you become popular quickly.

Being completely realistic, you need good luck [and make as much money as possible] when you take up the profession as a competitive streamer.

That way, people will still want to see you, even if you’re not perfect.


Get Paid to Test Games

Different stages of development have to be decided before the game starts.

When the completion stages are near, developers may need outsiders to play with the fresh eyes of the game.

As a plasterer, your job will be to examine everything the developer shows you, including bug removal and documentation, and more.


Why is it difficult?

It is very easy to be a tester now, but it is a job that requires mental attention.

Deliberately breaking the game can be quick, especially when you check the same places after each review.

The salary is not good.

And your salary can be less than your salary unless you get a prominent position in a big game development company, most game testing positions are for mobile games only.


Getting Started

For on-demand plastics, check out services such as PlayCloud, Beta Family, and Beta Testing.

It is not easy to be an internal auditor in any company.

You have to browse job boards, research companies for open positions, send applications, and then give up hope.


Sell Accounts or Digital Items

Now, if you’ve spent a lot of time playing some games, you can get some of the Steam trading cards they gained by playing the game they want to collect.

Although you will not earn more than that, you can earn enough to buy your next game.

You can also sell your accounts to Make Money with a Gaming PC .

In Overwatch, for example, it is very common to use a ‘smurf’ account (a secondary account that is much lower than the player’s actual skill level). 

Because you have to reach a certain level to play a competitive match, players who want to smurf can buy an account to save their time.

Similarly, if you are more skilled than them, a player may pay you to rate their account.

There are many more creative ways to go about it.

You can use sites like Fiverr to sell “gaming services” to interested people.

Maybe someone is lonely and just needs to group someone for an hour, and can pay you for that privilege.


Why It’s Difficult in making money with gaming pc

Although this gaming revenue is less than the above-mentioned people, it is still not complete.

Unless you have additional accounts or rare items, it may not be easy for you to keep track of what you have to spend to earn them.

Grinding a game just to earn new cards or reach a certain level can be very boring, just like playing staging.

And there is no guarantee that anyone will like to buy what you are selling.

Any particular game is subject to several terms of service, and you are not allowed to sell your account or other items.

You always have to make sure you don’t do anything wrong before you try.


Getting Started

Research the games you like to play and see what items can be sold at a good price.

Sites like Player actions can help connect buyers and sellers of gaming items.


Earning Money to Play Video Games Is Still Work

Games are very interesting because they are away from reality.

When gaming becomes your business, there’s no escaping it and chances are you’ll enjoy it. Like to play games?

You may want an additional than an antenna chance to achieve in associate business. You may be very sorry about that.

If you’re still moving on, here’s the best way to live a game-related life with opportunities.

Of course, there is always the option to create your own game and increase your revenue with sales, as well as in-app purchases or ads.

But it takes a lot of time and skill to develop sports.

You need a lot of space to invite all your school friends and work hard.

You can trap people flying around you and your community by inviting as many people as possible.


Start a Website to make money with a Gaming PC

You can also create a gaming website to Make Money with a Gaming PC.

You can express your desire and it will not be difficult for you to start it. You can compile it in a matter of minutes.

If you work diligently, you can generate full-time revenue that can be used towards your gaming PC.

This is a great way to get your website up and running with many guides.

The guide will teach you all you need to know to build your website, which will benefit you and you can enjoy it.

Can’t save more than your PC at any one time.


Repair Computers

A computer is a machine that always needs to be updated and can be difficult for you if you are not immersed in the computer.

Fix computers and fix problems for your family members, your friend’s family, your school, and more.

Most of the time, there are simple IT fixes that are replaced by Google Chrome instead of Edge, clearing the computer of all those files that people don’t use.

You can also repair TVs and computer monitors or assemble them for repair and then resell them.





Movie Conversion or Digitizing

You can convert “VHS” and home videos to digital copies and “DVDs”.

You can easily find in Google how VHS Video Player is connected to your computer and the software required to change it.

You can also digitize DVDs and Blu-ray so that they do not itch, lose or break and other problems like this.

This allows them to get rid of DVD shelves and keep them in digital form so that people can easily watch their movies on all their electronic devices.

You can do the same with all their CDs.

This will free up more space.

You can also try some money-making apps to generate revenue from your gaming PC.


Rent your Video Games

You may have some video games that you are not interested in anymore and you can lend those games to others that you don’t play.

It’s a very easy way to Make Money with a Gaming PC and it’s a way for others to have fun too. 



How do I become a paid gamer?

  • Discover Your Best Game. 
  • Exercise Every Single Day. 
  • Research Better Players for Tips.  
  • Donate in the Right Gear. 
  • Discover Tournaments to Sign up for. 
  • Network With Different Gamers. 
  • Establish Multiple Revenue Streams.
  • Market Yourself Online.

How many hours do pro gamers practice?

The average daily exercise time for a professional gamer will be about an hour.

It may be a little less, but there is no doubt that professionals spend many hours every day in sports.

Performers are nicer at taking cracks from their game than others.

Ending Lines

So, living in the era when technology is on its top, earning through technology via gaming has never been easy as it is now.

By learning some skills and if you have an interest, you can earn money by playing your favorite game.

For this purpose choice of gaming PC is crucial and how to make money with a gaming PC is all you need to know about.

I hope this article helped you.

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