How To Scan QR Code on Android Without App?

How To Scan QR Code on Android Without App?

You want to scan Android without the app. But if you don’t know how to scan without an app on an Android phone, then we will tell you some ways to scan QR code Android without an app. Android QR codes can be scanned with the use of the application, but you should also know … Read more

5 Ways to Polish Your Image Editing Skills in Android

polish image editing skills in android

With a smartphone in each palm, people have become quite used to clicking images when they see something amazing and attractive. Clicking pictures is easier; the challenge lies in editing them to look beautiful and captivating.   No matter what phone you use, every single brand out there comes with outstanding camera clarity and photo editing … Read more

Which is the Best Photo and Video Editing App for Android in 2023

Let’s see Which is the best Photo and Video editing app for Android? If you’ve tried to get a good photo or video over and over again, you might find it boring, but you never know exactly what’s the problem. It can be color or brightness, or familiarity. But whatever the problem, it can be … Read more

How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Password

This guide will show you how to lock apps on iPhone with password. Whether you want to stop somebody from seeing anything in your iPhone or want to protect your app settings in your iPhone. There are no official system-level features that individually allow app locking. Due to this reason, the process of locking apps … Read more