How to Change Desktop icon Size [Windows 10 and Mac]

If the current size of your desktop icons is not to your liking, you don’t need to keep them the same, you can change them. so let’s discuss how to change desktop icon size.

In Windows, you will find many ways to resize the desktop icon and fit it to your screen exactly as you wish.

If you don’t like the resized icons on your desktop, you can always go back to the old settings and revert to the previous size for your desktop icons.


Why Change Desktop Icon Size?

There are many reasons why you need to change desktop icons.

If your current icons are too small, you may have a hard time recognizing them.

Increasing the size of your icons can make them more readable. The big downside to doing this is that you will put less icons on your desktop.

If your existing icons are large, you can reduce their size and make them smaller.

This allows you to place far more icons on your desktop. This can work great if you don’t have a problem with your theory


Change The Desktop Icon Size Using a Mouse

The easiest way to resize a desktop icon on a Windows PC is to use your mouse.

If your mouse keeps a scroll wheel, you can scroll the wheel up or down to increase or decrease the size of your icons.

You need to go to your computer desktop.

Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard.

You will need to scroll your mouse wheel upwards to increase the size of your desktop icons.

Now you will see that your icons will be enlarged on your screen in real-time.

 You can reduce the size of your desktop icons by scrolling down your mouse wheel.

Change The Desktop Icon Size Using a Mouse

Change Icon Size on Windows 10

Some ways to resize desktop and file explorer icons.

The easiest and best way to resize an icon is to hold down the CTRL key to get the size you want and scroll up or down with your mouse scroll wheel.

The trick is that it can work with previous versions of Windows.


Can I Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 10

  • Right_click on a blank space on the desktop.
  • Choose View from the contextual menu.
  • Choose either bigger icons, Medium icons, or Small icons. The default is middle icons.

With the local 1600 by 900 pixels display on my laptop, the big option looks great, and the small size is very small, and the medium size is just right {as Goldilocks would say.

Your mileage depends on the display resolution of your screen.

Differing the size of the icons on the desktop won’t affect the size of the icons anywhere in Windows 10, but there are ways you can easily change the desktop icon size.


How to Improve the Size of the Taskbar Icons

If you want to resize icons in your taskbar, there’s a layout for that, which will also resize text, apps, and different items across Windows 10.

  • Press the desktop to free space.
  • Select Display Settings from the context menu.
  • Shift the slider under °Change the size of text, apps, and different items° to 100%, 125%, 150%, or 175%.
  • Set the settings at the bottom of the window. Windows asks you to log out and log in again for a more consistent experience.

This will not only enlarge the icons in the taskbar but will also enlarge the text in Windows 10 notification windows in apps like Microsoft Edge and Calendar.


How to Improve the Size of the Taskbar Icons


Can I Change the Size of Icons in File Explorer

If you want large or small icons or thumbnails in a particular folder, you can change the ones that fly in File Explorer.

All you have to do is go to the location of your folder and use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out, so that Windows 10’s big icons, middle icons, small icons, lists, details, Switch between tile and content view.

When you reopen this folder, File Explorer remembers your last configuration, this is a special configuration related to a folder, so you have to adjust each folder for which you will need different icons and text sizes.

In this article we will also show you how to resize your icons under Windows 8.1; {this method is also useful for Windows 7 and Vista}.


How do I Change The Size of  Icons Under Windows 8.1


How to change the size of desktop icons in Windows 10?


Method 1

  1. Press the space on the desktop.
  2. Scroll down the mouse wheel with the CTRL key down
  3. Scroll down and scroll down to reduce the size of your icons
  4. Top – To increase the size of your icons.


Method 2

  1. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop» view.
  2. Choose icon size


How do I resize an icon?

Android – How to resize an icon on Samsung phones

 You should see two choices: Home Screen Grid and Apps Screen Grid.

If you tap any one of these, you will find a lot of options to change the app’s suitability on your phone’s home and app’s screen.

Which will further change the size of these apps


How to change the size of desktop icons in Windows 10?

  • Here’s how to resize an icon using Windows 10.
  • °Right-click° on your desktop and press View.
  • Choose large icons, medium icons, or small icons.


How can I resize icons on my desktop without a mouse?

If you want to resize your desktop or File Explorer icons, grab the CTRL on your keyboard and scroll up or down.

You can also right-click on desktop space and look and switch between small, medium, or large icon sizes in the context menu.


How do I enlarge my icons?

You need to tap the Home screen settings.

4 Press the apps screen grid. 5 Select grids accordingly; 4 «» 4 for large apps icon or 5 «» 5 for small apps icon.


how to change desktop icon size on mac


how to change desktop icon size on mac


Here is how you can change the desktop icon size on mac

  1. Click anywhere on the mac desktop. 
  2. Press Command-J to show the icon size menu. 
  3. You can use the menu to change the size of mac desktop icons. 
  4. You can also adjust grid spacing on the mac desktop.

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Warp Up:

If you ever find the size of an icon on your desktop, read this article which can help you a lot on how to resize your desktop icon. Guided. If you still have a problem, you can also tell in the comments.


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