How to Create a PDF File On A Computer

How to Create a PDF File On A Computer


So how to create a PDF file on a computer?
PDFs are good for sharing your work.
macOS is a free PDF reader for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android, and PDF file formatting is always maintained no matter where it is displayed.

You can quickly create PDFs from other documents in Windows using your tools, and that’s the best thing.

Creating a PDF in Windows is very easy, whether you create web pages, text documents, images, or anything else you want.


How to create a PDF file on a computer using Word doc?


Get PDF creation software. 

There are various free PDF creation programs, like PDF factory Pro, PrimoPDF, and PDFCreator. You can find and download any of such software online.

It’s moreover possible that you already have PDF creation software on your computer, seriously as Adobe Acrobat <for making PDFs> and Adobe Reader <for reading PDFs>.

Scan your PC for PDF creation software before you download any software.

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Write the document. Use Microsoft Word to write whatever document you would finally convert to a PDF. If you have already completed the document you would like to convert, just open the document.
  • press <File>.
  • press <Print>
  • select your PDF printer. Set the intentions for the PDF you would like to establish.
  • Press <Print> This won’t really print the document, but it will convert it to a PDF.


How to create a PDF file on a Mac using Word Doc?

Get PDF creation software first. PDF Factory Pro includes PDF Creator and Premo PDF and many more free PDF creation programs.

You will find this software online. You may already have PDF creation software on your computers, such as Adobe Acrobat <to create a PDF> and Adobe Reader <to read a PDF>.

Before downloading anything you should thoroughly search your computer for pdf creation software then only you can make a decision


Open Microsoft Word.

Write the document. Use Microsoft Word to write whatever document you would ultimately alter to a PDF. If you have already finalized the document you would like to convert then just open the document. Tap ‘File’. It is another alternative from the top left of the document.

Choose Print. This is another alternative from the bottom of the drop-down For menu.

Then, you can choose ‘Save As’.

Tap ‘PDF’, It is the choice on the bottom left of the Print menu. Hit on the arrow.

Now, you can choose ‘PDF’ from the ‘Format’ menu.

Choose ‘Save as PDF’, This will open a recent window that will enable you to save the document.

Name the document.

Choose the folder where you would like it to come out. Choose the folder by tapping on the arrows below the file name to unlock a list of choices.

Hit ‘Save’, then This will convert and save the document as a PDF file. This one is the most easiest method to make a PDF file on a computer.


Utilizing an Online Converter on a PC or Mac

  • Discover a valid online converter. Search the Internet to discover a PDF converter that is free and beneficial. One valid and reliable converter is
  • Tap ‘Choose file’ or ‘Browse’, Any converter will provide the option of searching through your files to select the ones you would like to convert.
  • Choose as many files as you need or can. Maximum online converters will restrict you to only three files at once.
  • Choose ‘Convert to PDF’ and Wait for the file to convert into a PDF. This can seize a few minutes, particularly if you have numerous files. When the procedure is completed, you will be notified that your files are prepared to be downloaded.
  • Now download your converted files. Tap on the files and wait for them to download.
  • Save them to the computer. You have completed creating the PDF files.


Using the Google Chrome browser

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Write :text/html, <html contenteditable> without the quotations marks in the URL bar.
  • Write and paste any passage, but pictures will not work.
  • Format the text by utilizing following commands,


 Ctrl+ I=>italics

 Ctrl+ B=>bold

 Ctrl+ C=>copy

 Ctrl+ V=>paste

 Ctrl+ X=>cut

 Ctrl+ Z=>undo

 Ctrl+ Y=>redo

 Ctrl+ A=>select all

 Ctrl+ Shift+Z=>paste as plain text



Save=> Print it=> choose the printer as “save as PDF“.


Generating a PDF File in Windows 10

To make a PDF file on a Windows 10 computer, you require to perform the following points,

Double-tap on the Microsoft Word document which you need to convert to the PDF.

This will launch the Word document as indicated in the following image,

Choose on the File tab to launch the following window,

Then click on Save As and select a folder to save your file.

Then Save as Dialog

As soon as you will tap on a folder to save your document, the following window will appear,

Select folder to save the document.

Then click on the dropdown list corresponding to the ‘Save as type field.


Save as PDF file

Choose PDF from the dropdown list and then tap to Save.

Document save dialog

Now after that you can view your document as a PDF.


How do I convert any file to a PDF file?

  • How to renovate a Word document to a PDF?
  • Unlock the file in Microsoft Word.
  • Transform Word document to PDF file On Windows, tap the Acrobat tab then hit ‘Create PDF’.
  • Save PDF.


How can I generate a PDF file from a Word document?

  • How do you renovate a Word Document to a PDF file??
  • Tap the Microsoft Office Button, notch to the arrow next to Save As, and after that tap PDF or XPS.
  • In the File Name list, type or choose a name for the article.
  • In the Save as type, list tap If you need to unlock the file instantly after saving it. Click on the Open File after publishing the check box.
  • Hit Publish.


How do I create a PDF folder?

Here are the points of generating and managing folders in the PDF window.

Click the “Folder +” at the top left corner of the PDF window.

Select and set the name of the folder.

Click the “Create” button to finalize.

You can moreover click the “New Folder” icon under the Blue + icon which is at the lower right corner of the PDF window to create a folder.


How do I squeeze a PDF?

Choose the following file then tap on the button, the other solution is to lower the files in the drop zone.

Choose the PDF file you need to minimize.

Uploading Acrobat will automatically lessen the size of the PDF. Sign in to download or share your compressed PDF file.


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Warp Up:

It is not tough to convert any document to a PDF file in Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint format.

You can effortlessly share any documents because you have the solution of how to create a PDF file on a computer.

This brings it probable to transport and conserve your documents.

This eradicates the hassle of printing any documents that would otherwise arise.

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