How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android

Android and iOS devices are popular smartphones on the market.

When it comes to contacts, usually people do not like to spend a lot of time-saving or editing their contacts one by one.

So how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in 1 Click?

Today, we will explain 2 simple ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in just a few clicks.


Can you Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android?

For clients who will change from iPhone to Android or who have both iPhone and Android telephones, contact move from iPhone to Android is vital.

At that point there comes the inquiry, Can you move contacts from iPhone to Android? Yes? You can.

iPhone and Android utilize distinctive working frameworks and save documents in various organizations.

Is it conceivable to move information between these gadgets? 


How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Phone?


By Using iCloud.

  1. In your iPhone open to the Settings -> Mail -> Contacts -> Calendars -> Accounts -> iCloud
  2. You can turn on the toggle for ‘Contacts’ and click on ‘Merge’ when provoked as it will converge your contacts with iCloud.
  3. Move towards your computer’s web browser and open “iCloud” and log in with your Apple ID
  4. Click on Contacts -> All Contacts
  5. Click on the gear icon present at the underside of the page and tap ‘Export vCard’.
  6. Connect your Android device with the Computer
  7. You have to copy the VCF file to the local storage and ‘Import’ the contacts to your phone.


By Using Gmail Account.

  1. On your iPhone open Settings ->Mail -> Contacts -> Calendars.
  2.  Instantly you will have to add your Google account in the iPhone by clicking on the ‘Add account’ option.
  3. Your phone will inquire about what all elements you require to sync with the google account then tap on ‘contacts’.
  4. The iPhone will launch syncing all your contacts to the account. It may take time.
  5. Now in the android smartphone log in with your Gmail account and all your contacts will transfer to the device automatically.


Using iTunes.

To do this, you must first connect your mobile phone to your computer.

Then open iTunes and go to the iPhone option.

Under the Information tab, check the ‘Sync with contacts’ option and select Google Contacts.

Finally, enter your Google Account details and click the ‘iPhone Sync’ option.


With Third-Party Apps.

If you don’t want to use official methods, there are also many third-party apps available that help to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone.

However, you need to choose an app that is built for both Android and iOS platforms.

Using third-party apps is not so much a recommended answer to the question “how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android?” as they are not much trusted.


With Manual Method.

Share contact option is available if you want to send some selective contacts from iPhone to Android.

Now open the contacts app and choose the contacts you want to send or select all contacts. After swiping down select the tab.

Using this tab you can share or transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android phone.

If you have contact data of less than 10 numbers then it will be a suitable method for you to transfer contacts from iPhone to android.

Otherwise, you should try other methods.


My Contacts Backup App.

There are two apps that can help you to solve this problem.

You even don’t need to involve your PC in this process.

Here we will use The MY Contacts Backup app.

Some options are also available there.

  1. Now download and install this app on an iPhone device.
  2. The app will ask you to access your data like contacts then you have to tap on OK.
  3. Then tap on the backup.
  4. Open your email and attach a VCF file to email and transfer or send it to your Gmail account.
  5. Then open your android email and download the VCF file and save all the contacts in your phone after importing them.
  6. With the use of the VCF file, you can select a number of contacts you want to transfer or you can select all the contacts book to send from iPhone to Android.


Phone Transfer or Mobile Trans.

Here is a method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via phone transfer.

  1. First, download and install the phone transfer software program on your PC and simply launch it. After that click on the “Phone Transfer”.
  2. Connect both devices iPhone and android with your Pc. Phone Transfer will detect both devices as it supports data transfer cross-platform. After this tick in the check box located opposite the “Contacts”. After this click on the “Start” option in blue color.
  3. The transfer process has started. This process will be finished in a few seconds only because the contacts file will be there in a very small file size.
  4. After that, the transfer process will get started. It will take a few seconds to finish the contacts as the size of the contact file is small.


Using vCard.

Here we will learn about the method to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android by importing vCard via a Google account.

You need a Google account for this.

If you don’t have a Google account then you can simply signup to get a Google account.

Your Google account will be already set up if you have set up your mobile. 

  1. Open the web browser on your PC. You can use any browser for this process.
  2. After this sign into your Google account.
  3. Then navigate to the contacts.
  4. Now click on the import.
  5. Click and select the file.
  6. Click on the vCard and open it from the place where you have saved it.
  7. Then click on the import option and all of your contacts will appear after some period of time.

Via Sim Card.

Are you struggling to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

You can easily transfer your contact data from iPhone to Android by transferring a sim card from iPhone to android.

It will be one of the best methods if you have all of your contacts on your Sim card.

  1. The process to transfer contacts from iPhone to the android through a sim card is given below.
  2. Simply take out the sim card from your iPhone and insert the same sim card into your android phone.
  3.  After inserting a sim card in the android phone go to the “Contacts” tab.
  4. Then click more, go to the settings and go to the Import / Export tab from the sim.
  5. Click on the Import when a pop-up appears and confirm the operation.



Data Transfer Software.

There are some apps like iPhone data manager, MobilMover, EeaseUS to transfer or send contact data from iPhone to android with only one click.

Using software such as EaseUS MobileMover could be a good method to transfer contact data from iPhone to android.

By using this tool you can easily transfer all of your contacts, music, videos, audiobooks, books, photos, and other data from iPhone to computer.

In this way, it will become quite easy for your transfer data files.

  1. For this, you have to download and install the EaseUS MobilMover on your PC or Mac. Then connect your PC or Mac with your device. After that open the lock of your iPhone and then click on trust from the prompt to allow and choose “Phone to Mac” after that click on the next to move forward.
  2. Now check contacts and click on the default storage path to set a custom path. 
  3. Then simply click on the transfer and start transferring contacts from your iPhone to PC.
  4. After finishing the transfer process you can navigate to see all of your contacts on PC.
  5. The contacts could be saved as an HTML/VCF/CSV  file on PC. It all depends on the export settings that you have done.
  6. On your computer, the contacts will be saved as an HTML file. To import to your Google contacts you have to convert this file into a CSV file. Or you can convert an HTML file into a VCF file. After that, you can copy this file to your android phone.


The process to import contacts to your android phone is given below:

  1. After transferring the file open the HTML file along with Excel. Then save this file in CSV format.
  2. You can use a free file converter to transfer your contacts data file from CSV to VCF.
  3. Then via a USB cable connect your android phone with the computer and transfer your VCF file to the internal storage of android.
  4. Now open contacts from your iPhone. After that click on more and go to the setting and tap on Import/Export and import contacts from the internal storage and after this import vCard file. The contacts will be imported into your android device as a VCF.

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Ending Lines

As time goes on, new apps keep popping up that make our lives easier.

We hope these points helped you to discover the answer to the query of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android.

You will no longer have to pick up a new phone because of the contact list.

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