Where Do I Find My Saved Items On My Android Phone?

The saved files, images, videos, and other files are saved in different folders.
Like if you’re downloading some data through the browser, it’ll save on the Download folder.
To find the saved items on your phone follow the steps below:
  1. Open your File Manager
  2. Go to the phone storage file or the internal storage you set for your android mobile.
  3. Scroll down or search the download folder.
Here you find all data which you saved from your mobile browser.
If you’re using Facebook, they save pictures to store in the DCIM (Digital Camera Images) folder; here, you see a new folder by the name of Facebook.
And if you’re using WhatsApp, then your saved items seem in your internal storage where you see a folder by the name of WhatsApp
By opening the folder, you can see the WhatsApp media folder, and when it opens, you can see the WhatsApp images folder.
Here you find all your images of WhatsApp, which you received from your friends and different groups.
As it is, the Instagram and messenger files are saved in the Pictures folder, which you can find in the internal storage of your android phone.

Where Do I Find My Saved Items on Google?

Clicking on the button to view saved items in Google App is a way to see them.
It’s located at the bottom Google Search results page.
And you can also view the saved items by tapping the menu button, and here you see the collection button in the menu list.
Tap it, and the Saved items appear on the screen of your android phone.
The saved items also seem in the file manager’s download folder, and Google’s downloaded videos and photos can watch from the mobile’s gallery.
Where Do I Find My Saved Items on Google?

Where Do I Find My Saved Items on Facebook?

The items you have saved to Facebook can be viewed when you want.
Click the right-hand menu button and tab the menu.
A list of categories will appear.
Here you see a file with the name of your saved items (post, videos, pages, event etc.).
You can swipe right to view your saved items and move them into your archive.
You can save photos from Facebook that can view from the file manager’s DCIM folder.
And it can also see from the gallery. 
Where Do I Find My Saved Items on Google?

How Do I Find My Saved Items on Marketplace?

To look at the things you have saved from Marketplace, go to the Facebook menu and open saved items; here, you’ll find all the product posts you saved from the Marketplace.
This method is identical for both desktop and android mobile phones.

Where Do You Find Saved Images on Android?

If you’re using the Google Photos app, you have to open the app; after this, open the library on the right side of your mobile bottom. Here you’ll see all your images. 
Or, if you’re not interested in using the google app, you have to open your mobile gallery where you find all your saved images and videos.
You can also see your images in your file manager DCIM and photos folder, where all the images’ data is stored automatically.

Where Do I Find My Saved Passwords in Android?

The passwords are stored in your Google Chrome app are linked to your mail account.
And you can access the password from your Google Chrome app on your android phone or a tablet. Access your passwords in 4 easy steps:
⦁ Open the Google Chrome App.
⦁ Tap the Header menu on your right side.
⦁ Tap the setting.
⦁ Click on Password.
Here you can view your passwords and delete, edit and update them.
Where Do I Find My Saved Passwords in Android?

Where is The DCIM Folder on My Phone?

In an Android phone, the DCIM (Digital Camera Images) folder stores all the images and videos you create from your android phone.
This is possible that you found two DCIM folders in your phone at once due to the use of an SD card. 
1 DCIM folder is in the phone’s internal storage, and the 2nd one is found in the SD card.
You can also access your DCIM folder images and videos in your android gallery app.
Hope you find satisfactory answers in easy steps, which we explain in detail.
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