How to Open DSC File in Android in 2023?

The files extension .DSC is developed by Kingsoft.

You can launch the .DSC Files on different devices such as Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, and Windows phones.

You can use any kind of text editor to create a DSC file.

You can also download the .DSC files from the official stores of Android, Windows, Windows phone, Linux, iOS, and Mac.

Moreover, the DSC file is also available on it’s official website.

How to Open DSC File on Android?


You can follow the steps mentioned below if you have downloaded the DSC file and want to open it.

  1. First, go to the apps list of your android and then search “File Manager” or “My Files” app and then tap to start it.
  2. After this just tap on the folder of “Downloads” located inside the app.
  3. In this folder, you will find the downloaded DSC file.
  4. Then you need to tap on the file. If your android support and open the
  5. downloaded file then your file will be opened in the corresponding app.
  6. But if the DCS file does not open then you need to search the corresponding app from the android app store which can open the file.

If still, you are unable to open the file with the apps from the android play store then it means your file is only compatible with the desktop platforms like Mac OS and Windows.
You can also search on the internet and find any application to open the DSC file.
There could also be a reason that your downloaded file is outdated and you need to update it.

How to Open DSC File on Android?

Uses of DSC Files:

There are a number of different uses of DSC files.

These uses are explained below:

DSC as Kingsoft Design Science Equation File:


In the following condition, a DSC file is used as a configuration file by an office suite, WPS Office which also includes apps to make presentations, spreadsheets, and documents.

The DSC file contains the settings of the equation editor that also include the window size, zoom magnification, interface style that also allow the users to resume the settings and open the editor again.

DSC File as Text Description File:


In the case of a text file, the DSC files are used as a plain text file.

Such text files are used by the different software applications to store some descriptive information about different processes.

Some data parameters are also contained by the DSC file and it also contains some other kinds of text information which can be explained with an associated software application such as readme file.

DSC File as Text Description File:

DSC File as Nikon Identification File:


In Nikon the DSC file extension store some kind of information of photos or videos made with the Nikon digital camera.

These DSC extension files are saved on the memory card with images files.

As the DSC files are not images that’s why they only have a size of a few kilobytes.

Usually, the DSC files are hidden on the card because they are not intended to be opened manually and they are only referred to the software of the Nikon digital camera.

That is quite possible that you find a file with a name starting from DSC but they are files of images due to which they have a JPG extension.
DSC File as Debian Source Control File

DCS files act as source files that contain data, explaining the other files in the source of the package.

The DSC files are packed with .

TAR.GZ extension file known as the torball file and it contains some crucial files to install programs.

You can easily create a source package by using the dpkg-build package tool.

How to resolve Issues with DSC files?


You can link the DSC file extension with an appropriate app if you are having an issue with DSC file.

From your android tap on any DSC file and then just tap on the option of “Open With” and then “Choose another app”.

After that, you have to choose another program and tick on the box “Always use this app to open DSC file”.

You also need to update the software because it would open the source control.

As there is only the latest version that supports the DSC file format.

Therefore, you should search on the site of the manufacturer once an update is available for Debian.

Just to ensure that your file is not virus affected or corrupted you can get the file again and scan it.

How to resolve Issues with DSC files?

Using Different Software:


You don’t need to worry if you don’t have the version 3.0 software package of PostScript Language Document Structuring conventions specification.

Because there are also two famous software packages available that can open the files with DSC extensions.

You can also use the MIME Tag Type or DPKG-source if you don’t have the PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions specification version 3.0. On the other hand, you can also search on Google to check if there are other software packages available to open the files with DSC extension.

Alternate DSC File Associations:


Computer systems are very smart but they also get confused sometimes.

Your computer system may ask you to select a default program with which you are going to open the DSC file.

If you don’t get this instruction then you can change the DSC file associations through the control panel.

Downloading a Universal Software Viewer:


Do you have some DSC files that you are not able to open? First, you need to resolve any kind of issues with your PC.

But if your PC is working as usual and you get the binary files for which you don’t have the perfect software to open them so you have to download a universal software viewer.

By downloading universal software you can save a lot of your important time.

It will also protect you from the trouble to install a number of different software packages on your system without any kind of limitation.

The universal file viewer can easily open any type of file even DSC extension files as well.

Can I Open DSC File in Android 12?

Yes this possible to Open DSC File in Android 12 by using a very simple method.
You can read the tutorial mentioned above to Open DSC File in your Android 12 device.
Can I Open DSC File in Android 12?

How do we open a DSC file as a JPEG?

The DSC extension files are only used by the Nikon in image saving files and they can only be accessed via Nikon View NX.

Basically, the View NX is an image application that only the Nikon Digital Camera user to search and edit an image or movie using the computer system.

Can I to Open DSC File in Samsung Galaxy?

Answer is, YES! you can do this using same method written above.


Do you have DSC extension files on your system and are unable to open them? Then you should follow the above mention process.

Moreover, we have also explained some of the DSC files uses.

We hope after reading this you will be able to open DSC files quite easily.


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