13 Best Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business [Must Read]

Searching for best cloud backup solutions for small business in 2023? Let our guide help you.

Data has great importance because in case if you lost your information or data you can even destroy your small business completely.

If you will lose your business information the employees of your company will not be able to perform their tasks efficiently.

Due to such incidents, you won’t be able to satisfy your business customers and clients.

To prevent your business from such destructive problems and save your business important data you need to get a data cloud solution.

Getting the best cloud backup solutions for small business will help you to maintain and run your business securely & smoothly.

The cloud backup solutions services consist of security of the server, data recovery, and ransomware protection. 

Let’s have a look at some important statistics. In most cases, about 50 to 60% of companies shut down after 6 months of losing their business data.

It seems so scary. It has been noted that almost 140,000 hard disks have crashed in the USA.

According to these stats, each small business needs to have a cloud backup solution for their business data and information.


Due to the affordable cost and ease of use normal or Google cloud backup solution is one of the applicable solutions for small businesses.

As we know that cloud backup solution services are used to send data to the cloud storage.

But in fact, your data or information is not stored in the cloud. Instead, your data is stored in a high storage capacity and secure servers having high-speed connections.

After storing your data you can access your data from any place and if accidentally any of your important data files got deleted from you or your hard drive get crashed you can recover it easily.

For this, you need the best cloud backup solutions for small business.

Most people may think that your data files are saved as they are synchronized with Dropbox or Google Drive.

But you have to understand the fact that cloud syncing services like Dropbox and Google Drive are not included in the cloud backup solution services.

These services are developed for online collaboration and synchronize dedicated folders or files.

You should remember that they will not prevent your data automatically.

So, if you’re a business owner you need to have a security service to get complete backup functionality so, in the future due to any reason if you lose some or complete of your business data you will be able to get back this important data.


Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business

Here is the list of the best cloud solutions for small business.

  • Carbonite
  • BackBlaze 
  • OpenDrive’s
  • SpiderOak
  • Acronis
  • IDrive
  • CrashPlan
  • Unitrends 
  •  NovaStor
  • Cohesity
  • Liperiusbackup
  • Nexetic Shield
  • Synametrics



If you are looking for one of the best and famous online backup options for small business then you must know about Carbonite.

There are a lot of reasons for its popularity and fame.

Without any argument, it is the easiest to use cloud backup service. So, it would be interesting to have a look at it.

This application of Carbonite has made it so popular between the small.

business owners. You don’t even need to take care after setting up and in the background, all the work will be done automatically. 

From Carbonite you will get unlimited storage for your data. It is a great thing for any small business moving towards development.

But from April 2020, you can only get unlimited storage for a single system or computer and if you want storage for multiple systems you will get storage of 250GB.

Moreover, you can also buy some additional storage as well.

You don’t need to worry if you are going to meet your storage limits and more interestingly what will happen after you reach your data storage limit.

At this point may you have some stress about whether your files are backed up or not.

The good thing is that you can back up everything automatically.

You can also choose manually some specific data to backup. The next step is to choose the time of backup.

The continuous data backup option is available in Carbonite which means that your data will be backed up continuously.

You can only add new files or change the existing files but it will not disturb your internet connection at all.

Your data is encrypted by Carbonite before sending to the servers.

By default, Carbonite manages encrypted keys but you can also set the encryption key to get full control over data.

It has an easy-to-use and very clean interface that makes the recovering process easier and so simple.

With only one click you will restore or recover your files.

Different versions of your files are saved by Carbonite so you can save and edit them.

It would be an excellent and reliable choice for any small business owner who wants to prevent any disaster.

Its qualities of unlimited storage, continuous backup, and automatic backup make it one of the best choices.


  1. It is so simple to see what files are backed up according to the color dots next to the files. Green indicates shown on the backed-up file and brown indicates the file will be backed up on the next round.
  2. Carbonite always sent email updates to subscribers that help them stay current on their usage.
  3. Files can be backed up easily and can be recovered as well.


  1. There is no area that needs improvement. You can put it and forget it.




Carbonite and Backblaze are competitors of each other because they offer similar kinds of services.

Like Carbonite BlackBlaze also offers unlimited storage capacity and a very easy-to-use and simple interface.

Backblaze scans all files of your hard drive that require backup automatically after setting up.

But the operating system files, temporary files, and applications are not backed up automatically by Backblaze.

After completing the scan you have to just click ok to get the backup.

If you want to exclude some folders and files from the backup you can do this from the menu settings. However, it is slightly complex.

Backblaze also offers your favorite functionality of continuous best data backup solutions. 

Like Carbonite it also sends your data to the cloud after encryption and you can also set a private encryption key for data backup control.

So, at any time if you want to recover data, you have to send your encryption key to BlackBlaze to decrypt the data before sending it to you.

It seems like a flaw of security. Except all that it provides only a thirty-day version retention period that is quite short.

Backblaze also offers an automatic data backup service that you can get at affordable prices.

The only flaw of BlackBlaze is the halfway implementation of private encryption.




You can get OpenDrive’s custom plan at a very reasonable and affordable price with the storage of 500GB cap and bandwidth limitations.

But you can also get unlimited storage with a business plan that costs much higher.

To manage sync and backup processes OpenDrive uses a desktop interface. The interface is not very interesting but it is easy to use.

The process of backing up is quite difficult as you have to add only one file or folder at a single time.

As compared to the above-mentioned cloud backup services OpenDrive is irritating and bothering.

However, it provides you the facility of continuous data backup.

You will have full control over your data backup as it offers the option of private encryption.

You will not get the option of automatically selecting which files you want to be excluded and which you want to include on the basis of file type, size, and date from OpenDrive.

One of the best things this service contains is that you can store 99 versions of each file without any time limitations.

You can even recover the deleted files in 90 days. It will be a good choice to use OpenDrive because it is the best online backup for small business if you need a backup for small data.




You will not get unlimited online data backup from SpiderOak. It offers the storage of almost 5TB which in most cases is sufficient.

You will get location-based file backup means that you have to tag all the files and folders manually if you want to add them to your data backup.

From the desktop client, you can create your backup plan. This could be a stressful process.

Once again Backup will be done automatically with the option of the scheduled backup.

Like Carbonite it only uploads file changes as compared to the complete file.

This feature will be handy as it saves your time and bandwidth. All the data files are encrypted before sending to the data centers.

In SpiderOak you will get client-side end-to-end encryption means only you will have an encryption key.

The advantage of encryption is that in case of breaching your data will remain secure and safe. That is quite a good thing.

You can develop some getting used to in SpiderOak. Particularly, the function of synchronizing the folders added in your data backup plan.

The versions of files will be stored automatically each time you edit the file.

As there are some limitations of storage capacity, so it could be troublesome. That’s why you have to delete previous versions of files to save some space. 

You should remember that it is not a traditional type of cloud backup service.

It offers a reliable and secure backup service but the disadvantage is that there is not an option of unlimited storage. 

SpiderOak is a cloud-based backup for small business.




This cloud storage service also does not offer unlimited online storage for backup. You will get maximum storage of 5TB with a high price tag.

It offers a lot of additional features and functionality but the price will not be justified even if you are a valuable buyer.

The thing you should take care of here is the storage limit. There is an option to excuse files based on file type which could be useful while using everything backup option.

This service contains some of the reliable features that you like the most such as features of gradual backup and continuous backup.

Acronis cloud backup offers you one of the important security features of end-to-end encryption.

Its version period is almost 6 months. It is not much difficult to set up Acronis as compared to Carbonite and Backblaze.

The only drawbacks of Acronis are its high price tag and limited storage capacity.

Otherwise, that is a modern and quality cloud backup service.

There are also some uncommon features in Acronis like ransomware monitoring and blockchain checks.




I Drive offers you the continuous data protection and backup.

It makes sure to protect your data in any case and it,s price depends upon how much storage you are using.

IDrive supports different devices like iOS and Android.

It uses 256-bit AES encryption to maintain the security of your data.

You will get different plans for different operations from I Drive which start from 250GB to 12.5TB.

You can run data backups from MS SharePoint Servers, MS SQL, MS Exchange, and Oracle.

If you face any type of data loss event the I Drive Express service also offers you the physical recovery option and they will send you an encrypted hard drive of 3 TB within a week.




CrashPlan cloud backup solution service also supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

It also offers some customizable features like file retention, individualized data set features, protection for deleted files, and versioning.

All of your data is secure with 256-bit AES encryption and it protects backup communication with 28-bit encryption in CrashPlan.

There are some limitations on cloud backup services such as the inability to share files, server backups, and lack of mobile devices.




Unitrends is one of the best cloud backup solutions for small business.

This backup software program is best for small businesses in 2023.

It offers backup for both physical appliances and virtual appliances. Unitrends can detect ransomware.

It will find recovery issues automatically. It contains an automated disaster recovery testing service.

Moreover, Unitrends backup your appliances to the cloud easily.




NovaStor will help you to host your data securely in the cloud.

That’s the reason it has become one of the great cloud backup for small businesses.

This cloud backup storage solution offers you a hybrid backup with the help of offsite storage on servers and local storage.

NovaStor provides the best cloud backup services for small business that allow any organization to monitor and secure distributed workplaces.

NovaStor allows you to backup your clients and office data remotely and you can also backup physical and virtual machines from different places.

It also offers small business backup like data backup of scalable enterprises and protection of large unstructured data. 




That is an excellent and reliable online backup solution for small businesses that offer recovery and backup to the cloud, physical and virtual workloads.

This cloud solution also allows replication, data tiering, and archiving without any requirement of manual policies.

Cohesity offers long-term retention with a single cloud-native solution.

It increases data security to high fidelity data. Cohesity allows you to choose public cloud or tap according to the needs of your company business.

Furthermore, it allows you to run Cohesity applications directly on DataPlatform. 




It is the best small business backup software for virtual machines, databases, PCs, and databases.

That is software that can help you to backup folders and files on devices such as NAS, RDX drives, FTP server, and USB drive automatically.

Liperiusbackup supports several storage services such as Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. It contains a filter if you want to exclude any specific file or folder.

To authenticate the network automatically you can download Liperiusbackup.


Nexetic Shield

Nexetic Shield

The Nexetic Shield tool provides you a backup solution for Mac PC and Windows.

By pressing only one button you can restore all files to another computer. It helps you to backup servers into a secure cloud environment.

Nexetic Shield will help you to manage all the systems just from one place. It does not allow you to slow down your PC by backing up files in the backup.

Moreover, it supports both of the operating systems Windows and Mac, and offers smart alerts and backup monitoring. 




Synametrics is a synchronization software and one of the best cloud backup for small business.

It does not allow any third party to access and use your data. You can use this small business software on Mac OS, Unix, and Windows.

There is an option available for cloud snapshots in Synametrics.

You can also synchronize your folders or files on different computers. Furthermore, you can share your files with more than one user.

With symmetric, you can backup snapshots to Microsoft, Google Storage, Amazon S3, and Azure.


How to backup my small business data?

For business users and owners who are still inexperienced, the cloud has completely updated the backup process according to new technologies.

Here, in addition to security and compliance concerns, it is possible to apply an effective off-site backup strategy without spending huge amounts of money on transit, luggage, and rack space.

If you are going to store any kind of information & data in the cloud storage, there is a small amount of repayment fee, so you need some financial calculations to make sure there is a trade-off between investment money and operational money.

Requirements for effective backup to the cloud

Availability: All data is easily available when you need it, but there is a notable difference between archives and production data. For example, Cloud storage is intended to provide the right balance of recovery times and money.

Security: All data files are personal, both in comfort and in transit. Access and permission control should also work in the cloud same as on-premises storage.

Stability: Data has to be saved perfectly, such as on many facilities and too many devices in each facility. Data must be protected from things such as human mechanical failure, error, or natural disasters.

Why taking backup of data is important?

The main reason of saving data backup is to have secure records of your necessary information.

Whether that’s private documents of your business or personal family photos, so that you can restore your data quickly in any case of data loss.


Why backup software are made?

The major purpose of the backup software is to save important data so it can be recovered in case of any data loss.

Important data loss can be accrued due to the hardware or software problems, data corruption, or a human-caused mistake, For intense, a malicious attack, or unexpected data deletion.

Backup samples restore data early so that business owners can recover important data from unexpected events.


What is the best backup solution for a small business in 2023?

Here are the list of top Server Backup Softwares for Small Businesses you can try.

  1. Acronis Cyber Backup.
  2. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.
  3. MSP360.
  4. NAKIVO.
  5. Unitrends Data Center Backup and Recovery.
  6. Veeam.
  7. Altaro VM Backup.
  8. N-able Backup.

Best Leading Cloud Backup Services

  1. Nextiva.
  2. BackBlaze Business Backup.
  3. Carbonite Computer Backup Core.
  4. CrashPlan Pro.
  5. iDrive.
  6. SOS
  7. DropBox.

Best Backup Tools for servers

  1. Backblaze
  2. Veeam Backup & Replication
  3. Unitrends
  4. Iperius Backup


Top Backup Products

  1. Acronis
  2. Acronis True Image
  3. ARCserve
  4. Barracuda Networks
  5. NetVault Backup


Best Data Backup Solutions

  1. Carbonite, Inc.
  2. IDrive
  3. CrashPlan
  4. EaseUS Todo Backup
  5. Acronis Backup
  6. Asigra


Best backup for PC

  1. Acronis True Image
  2. IDrive
  3. EaseUS Todo Backup
  4. Nova back
  5. Backblaze


Top Cloud services for business

  1. Dropbox
  2. Microsoft OneDrive
  3. SpiderOak
  4. Microsoft Azure
  5. Amazon Web Services
  6. Egnyte


Final Lines:

For any organization or company information or data has great importance because it could prove as a make or break for it especially for small businesses.

So,  it is necessary to have the best business cloud backup solutions or server backup solutions for small businesses to back up the data of your company in case you lost your company’s data accidentally or unintentionally.

Therefore, you need to get the best cloud backup solutions for small businesses.

In the above articles, we have explained some best and reliable cloud backup solutions services to help you and your business.

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