Create Fake WhatsApp Account with Fake Number [Updated 2023]

Let’s learn how to use Whatsapp with fake number in easy ways.

As you know, nowadays everyone is benefiting from WhatsApp, This is one of the most popular messaging apps and it is used and liked by millions of users all over the world.

If we talk about WhatsApp tips and tricks, there are many WhatsApp tricks on the internet, and some of them are very useful and some are just a waste of time.

Here we will share with you a WhatsApp trick that will explain how to use WhatsApp with fake number.


How to Create fake WhatsApp number for fake WhatsApp account in 2023?

The popularity of WhatsApp is increasing day by day as the number of its users is increasing day by day.

As we all know well there are many tips and tricks on WhatsApp through which you can do a lot.

Today we will show you a few updated methods to create a fake WhatsApp number for free to verify fake WhatsApp account.


Can you use a fake number on Whatsapp?

To perform this, you should have a fake number to create a fake WhatsApp account. Now you must be thinking that how to get a fake virtual number to create a fake account on WhatsApp.

The answer is: there are many applications available on the Play Store through which you can create many fake numbers for fake WhatsApp verification codes.

Today in this post WikiTechGO will show you how to verify your fake WhatsApp and create a fake WhatsApp account.


Can you use a fake number on Whatsapp?


What is a Fake WhatsApp Account?

Before you can create a fake WhatsApp account, you need to know what a fake WhatsApp account is.

Whenever you create a WhatsApp account with a fake number or a code number from another country, it is a fake WhatsApp account.

There is an urgent need for some of your applications to get a fake number which gives you some different county numbers for creating fake accounts on WhatsApp and other social media apps.

I think by now you understand what WhatsApp accounts are. Let’s take a look at how to create a WhatsApp account with us.


The app you need to create Fake WhatsApp Number

  1. Temp-Mail
  2. Text Now
  3. WhatsApp


This app provides you with an email address to use temporarily.

With this app we can create a fake email and then by registering an account “text = now”, it will be very easy for you to get a fake number from the text application now.


Text Now:

You can use this application to create a fake account or get a foreign country number. It’s one of the best and most used applications in the world, and it’s free. You do not have to pay for premium plans. 



 It’s all about WhatsApp for which we have to create a fake account.

I hope you know all these applications and now you can start the next process.

First, open the temporary mail application and you will get an automatically generated mail address. Copy a copy of this mail that appears on the mobile screen.




How to make a WhatsApp with a fake number?

Now you have to go to the text request. Click Get a free phone number and create an account with this copied mail address. Now that you have completed all the steps, you have created an account on the Text Now application. To access all permissions requested on the mobile screen, press Do not use My Location.


Get a fake WhatsApp number:

Now you see a box. You must enter a country code such as ‘415,315‘.

  1. Now select your number and click on the Continue button
  2. You will see in the top left corner that you have taken your fake number for WhatsApp.
  3. Now open the WhatsApp application and create an account with a regular process. By selecting the country code that you have generated from the text application.
  4. Copy and paste the number from the text application now.
  5. You can now verify the security code via text or SMS from the text app. It’s your choice.

With full verification, you can easily use WhatsApp on foreign numbers.


Disclaimer: These points and tricks are for educational purposes only and are intended to alert you, so if someone tricks you, you can guess that it is a joke, this number is for any illegal purpose. Is not appropriate to use. •Wiki Tech GO• is not responsible for any damage.


Make Fake Number for WhatsApp Using Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM Android is a great application on Google Play Store and Apple App Store that gives us a free virtual or fake number to verify security codes.

You can call and send SMS from this application, It’s much cheaper than paid plans and applications.

Now, I will tell you to create a fake account.

All you need to do is just follow these easy methods.

  • Firstly, Download and Install Numero eSIM from the Apple store or play store.
  • Later installing that application opens it. Register on this app and create an account. Verify it with your mobile number.
  •  When you enter the login to your account. Now you will see the choice to activate the trial number. Go for the country you need to choose the number.

This is the US number I received from this request.

After getting the fake number, you now have to go to WhatsApp and start the registration process.


Make Fake Number for WhatsApp Using Numero eSIM


Installing Two WhatsApp in a single Phone:

When you want to create a new account without using your number, you may be thinking that you will need another phone to use this number.

But you can use two different WhatsApp accounts on the same phone by installing GB WhatsApp on your mobile. You can take advantage of many features that are not allowed in the official version.

If you do not want to change your original WhatsApp, you have another option. Use the parallel space application, which can make a copy of any app on your smartphone.


How to make Fake WhatsApp Account 2023 with fake (+1) US Number

In the Play Store, you can find various apps, some of which work, but most of them are not. In this article, we will tell you about the latest apps that are working so far. So this new app is the 2nd Line: Second Phone Number app.

  1. Create an account in 2nd line
  2. Before choosing any virtual number minimize the 2nd lime App and open WhatsApp then type a number from the list given in the 2nd line App.
  3. If Whatsapp ready to create an account on that number then select that number
  4. And then on WhatsApp click on resend code or call
  5. Whatsapp will call on 2nd line App or send voicemail to send you the verification code
  6. Enter that code in WhatsApp and that’s it.


Fake MasterCard Card Method:

Fake MasterCard Card Method:

You may need a fake MasterCard or Virtual Card number associated with the Google Play Store. This fake card is stored in payment methods and you can use it further to obtain purchases for in-app apps.

Before you proceed, it is important to know how to add fake MasterCard to the Google Play Store.

  1.  Download the 2nd line: second phone number for texts and from the Call Store app download store. This is an app that is still working.
  2.  Open the second line of app information, and you’ll need to grant all permissions before proceeding to the next step.
  3. Later, when you have completed the process and the fake WhatsApp is ready, you will have to close all the permissions.
  4. Open the app and click “Start“, then select the country “United States“. You will then be asked for a three-digit area code.

Few area codes of US I am writing below,

Alabama: 205, 334, 256, 251

Virginia: 804, 434, 540, 571, 757, 276

California:628, 626, 650, 657, 669, 707, 714, 747951, 213, 279, 310, 323, 408, 415, 424, 442, 510,559, 530, 562, 619,, 760, 805, 818, 820, 831, 909, 916, 949, 925

If you need extra specific area codes of the USA, then you can press here.

  •  Click on “Continue“.

– Then you get a lot of US numbers starting with +1, you can choose from this list.

– But wait, don’t choose any numbers anymore. First, you need to make sure you can check that the number is not restricted

  • Now minimize the second line app that you just created and open WhatsApp. Open the WhatsApp clone and go sign up.
  • Click ‘Agree and Continue’.
  •  Select ‘United States by Country’.
  • Enter the mobile number you copied from this list. If this is restricted, click ‘Invalid Number’ and then enter another number.
  •  Minimize the WhatsApp and open the second line app.
  • Now it’s time to confirm the selected number.
  • Select ‘Free Trial’ and ‘Confirm’.
  • Then select the added fake MasterCard and click “Subscribe”.

I have explained above how to insert a fake MasterCard.

Now it’s time for verification.

You will approve an OTP code on your mobile number. Then open the second line app and you will find a verification code in the messages.

 * If you are having an hour problem then no need to worry, you have to press the “call me” option.

  • Then you will get a call, pick it up and listen carefully to the OTP verification code.

If you do not receive a call of any kind, you will surely receive a voicemail in which you will receive an OTP code.

  • Open WhatsApp and enter OTP, now you have a fake WhatsApp account.


Can you use a fake number on Whatsapp?

To perform this, you should have a fake number to create a fake WhatsApp account. Now you must be thinking that how to create a fake number on WhatsApp. The answer is: there are many applications available on the Play Store through which you can create many fake numbers for fake WhatsApp verification codes.

Today in this post WikiTechGO will show you to verify your fake WhatsApp number and create a fake WhatsApp account.


How to use a fake number on WhatsApp

At the end of the 3-day trial, it is possible to transfer the assigned number to another person.

And he can create a WhatsApp account from the number that was previously assigned to you. That person can also see your chats and numbers. It won’t be difficult for him.

In order not to be harmed by the number assigned to you, you need to consider the following steps:

press on the three dots that appear in the top right corner.

Go to Settings» Accounts» Two-Step Verification

Press ‘Enable’ and set a PIN.

Now no one can create WhatsApp from this number unless they know the PIN.


How to use a fake number on WhatsApp


Advantages of using WhatsApp with fake number:

supposed that their records got illicit after a few days. this is regularly because they’re abusing the record outside 

You can utilize this record for text talking additionally as Audio and video choice. A few clients had the United States of America while not a US science address. 

In this way, in case you’re truly attempting to discover an Associate in Nursing Yankee reach for your WhatsApp account, ensure you’re utilizing a VPN instrument to differentiate your country area from the United States of America. 

There is another colossal benefit of abuse: imagine a WhatsApp account.

That is, you’ll produce a subsequent region called Numero territory (for humanoid eight.0+ just) for any applications put in on your portable.

By abusing this element, you’ll clone any applications and utilize different occurrences at a comparable time.

This means that, if you need to have more than one WhatsApp account with multiple versatile ranges on a comparable portable, this is possible with a simple WhatsApp test. There are a few elective favors: imagine a counterfeit WhatsApp account. 

Abuse these numbers, you’ll be mysterious by covering your genuine and improving your protection with the individual reach included. 

Likewise, you’ll hamper the wandering charges and fabricate ease worldwide calls wherever the planet.

You’ll utilize this record for text talking also as Audio and video choice. 

A few clients had reputed that their records got illicit after a few days. 

In case you’re truly attempting to discover an Associate in Nursing Yankee reaches for WhatsApp account, confirm you’re utilizing a VPN device to change your country area to the United States of America.

Some of these favors recorded beneath.

  • Fake Whatsapp Number
  • International Number
  • Fake Whatsapp Account
  • Prank with everyone
  • Marketing Purpose
  • More Privacy
  • Hide Your Number
  • Free Of Cost
  • International Features
  • Antiban 
  • Keep Your Number Secure
  • Keep Your Identity Secure
  • Anonymous
  • Receiving Calls
  • Receiving Messages
  • Hide Your Identity
  • Call Any One
  • Message Anyone
  • International Calling


Frequently Asked Questions about Fake Whatsapp Account Number:


How to identify a fake Whatsapp Account?

Now that your WhatsApp account is ready, you can use it to share viral content, collect public numbers and create lists, etc. So, how do you identify if someone has made a false accusation against you?

Of course, it is difficult to distinguish between real and fake. But you can get closer to the secret by watching some activities like their DP, status update, numbers starting from +1, +44 in India.


How to identify a fake Whatsapp Account?


Can you create your number on WhatsApp?

You must provide your phone number to start the WhatsApp service and this contact number is seen by everyone on our contact list. Unfortunately, you can’t hide your phone number on WhatsApp. You need the correct phone number to run the app so you can log in to the service.

How can I bypass Whatsapp verification Code?

There is a website named SMS MAN that offers a WhatsApp verification code bypass service. This website is working fine and you can use it easily.

Can I get a virtual number on WhatsApp?

You can take the code of any country from the list as you will use the virtual number. You will then see a pop-up screen showing a virtual number. Copy this number and create an account on WhatsApp. Use my text as a verification method, and you’ll also see a code as a message in your Textplus app


Can I block myself on WhatsApp?

A very simple solution is to delete your WhatsApp account, reinstall the app and then reinstall the app by setting up a new account. Deleting and setting up a new account is often a trick for users and can be life-saving if someone else blocks you from contacting them.


Can I use 2 WhatsApp on one phone?

Presently, essentially all Android smartphones come with dual SIM capability, which allows users to use two different numbers on the same device. You are not officially allowed to use two WhatsApp accounts in one smartphone. This means you don’t have to have two smartphones to use two WhatsApp accounts.


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Final Verdict:

You may need a mobile number if you want to create a fake WhatsApp account, but you can choose a fake number or a personal number for the WhatsApp account.

In this post, we have explained to you in a very good way to make a fake WhatsApp number. This article tries to tell you the easy way.

If your issue has been resolved with this article, you can let us know in the comments.

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