How To Format or Recover Corrupted SD Card [Without Formatting]

How To Format and Recover Corrupted SD Card Without Formating - Wiki Tech Go

SD Card is one of the best and famous storage devices that is used in digital cameras, mobile phones, and such devices to increase the internal memory of these devices. You also have problems sometimes related to SD cards such as SD cards got damaged, corrupted, and become unreadable or may have some other kinds … Read more

How to Get New Emojis On Android And iPhone Device?

How to Get New Emojis On Android And iPhone

Are you interested to know how to get new emojis on Android and iPhone? Texting from your android phone with emojis and without emojis is quite different from each other. Emojis make your text more fluent and interesting as compared to the normal and boring text and words. The emojis and different smiley faces have … Read more

How To Make And Receive Call On Apple Watch

How To Make And Receive Call On Apple Watch

Did you ever think that there would be a day when we would have something on our wrist that we could easily call and hear? It still looks like something made up of science fiction. On the Apple Watch, calls are routed via the iPhone, and if you are curious about how to make and … Read more

Screen Sharing on Google Hangouts – A Thorough Process

Google hangouts screen sharing

Now it’s possible for you to share your screen at a time with another person. This can be done by using screen sharing on Google hangout. This can be very helpful for online marketers because they can get exposure for their brand using media options. It is also helpful if you want to share any … Read more