Is 5g Faster Than Wi-Fi and More Reliable Technology?

5g technology

A frequently asked question these days is 5g faster than wifi. The latest analysis of 5G shows that due to 5G the real-world speed is increasing at great intent. It has been experienced that in the eight countries which have a 5G network the average speed for downloading is much faster as compared to wifi in seven countries out of eight which means that 5G has fast speed than wifi. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and campaigns against the 5G the progress related to 5G is hung out. The fastest…

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Startpage vs Duckduckgo: Which Is Better?

startpage vs duckduckgo

Here we will have a comparison of Startpage vs Duckduckgo. The Startpage and Duckduckgo are basically two search engine websites. They have different features and characteristics. At some points, each one is better than others. But now we will discuss and see which one is more user friendly and keep your data private. But before that, it will be better to increase the internet speed of your Wi-Fi.   Startpage vs Duckduckgo which one is better Home Page Comparison We know that most people don’t have much concern with the…

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Best Text Message backup app for Android and iPhone

Best text message backup for android

It will be much better for you if you have the best text message backup app for Android. We have seen in daily life that most people pay attention to the android back up after facing big problems in their life. May your android phone gets damaged or anybody steals it? It can also be dropped in the water while you are having a walk on the river bridge. If you have to face any kind of these conditions there are a lot of chances that you will lose your…

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Best Bulk SMS App for Android Features and Functions

best bulk sms app for android

You always need the best bulk SMS app for android if you have to send messages to a large community of people. Most of the time you simply copy a message and paste it to send your contacts manually one by one. Even if you will use some type of app you can only send a message to almost a hundred people. Multi SMS Sender Bulk SMS Plan Group Messaging Bulk SMS Sender Multi SMS and Group SMS Best Bulk SMS app for Android to send bulk Messages Multi SMS…

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Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Watch Extra Features

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Extra Features

If you have recently bought the amazing smartwatch of Samsung Galaxy then you must need to know about one of the best apps for the Samsung galaxy watch to take advantage of its features. The watch of Samsung galaxy is considered one of the best wearable’s. This watch also provides weather information by using a weather radar app about the surrounding areas. It keeps updated time by time and also improves its features with time. It has great battery timing with GPS to track different locations and navigations. It also…

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Best Weather Radar App For Android – [2021]

A number of weather apps are available on the internet but their performance and service are not much better. These apps are a little bit different from other apps. For this, you need to find the best weather radar app for android. These days it is not quite difficult to predict whether using weather radar apps. It will be better for you if you have information about the weather so you can manage your dressing and routine according to weather conditions. These weather radar apps are available on all android…

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